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2018-05-31: What is the long term future for Extended Validation TLS certificates?
Extended Validation TLS certificates are basically invisible
2018-05-30: Taking over program names in Linux is generally hard
2018-05-28: An incomplete list of reasons why I force-quit iOS apps
2018-05-27: ZFS pushes file renamings and other metadata changes to disk quite promptly
Most modern web spiders are parasites
2018-05-25: Some notes on Go's runtime.KeepAlive() function
There's real reasons for Linux to replace ifconfig, netstat, et al
2018-05-24: Registering for things on the Internet is dangerous these days
2018-05-23: Almost no one wants to run their own infrastructure
2018-05-21: Bad versions of packages in the context of minimal version selection
2018-05-20: 'Minimal version selection' accepts that semantic versioning is fallible
Modern CPU power usage varies unpredictably based on what you're doing
2018-05-18: ZFS spare-N spare vdevs in your pool are mirror vdevs
How I usually divide up NFS (operation) metrics
2018-05-17: I'm worried about Wayland but there's not much I can do about it
2018-05-16: How you run out of inodes on an extN filesystem (on Linux)
2018-05-15: I have a boring desktop and I think I'm okay with that
2018-05-13: My GDPR pessimism
2018-05-12: ZFS on Linux's development version now has much better pool recovery for damaged pools
Sorting out some of my current views on operator overloading in general
2018-05-11: Notice to web spiders: an email address in your user-agent isn't good enough
2018-05-10: Python modules use operator overloading in two different ways
2018-05-09: Yubico fails to care that people give you email addresses for specific purposes
2018-05-08: How we're going to be doing custom NFS mount authorization on Linux
2018-05-07: One reason why Python doesn't let you overload the boolean AND and OR operations
2018-05-06: Firefox turns out to need some degree of 'autoplay' support
2018-05-05: Modern Unix GUIs now need to talk to at least one C library
2018-05-04: Why you can't put zero bytes in Unix command line arguments
2018-05-03: Using grep to hunt around for null bytes in text files
2018-05-02: An interaction of low ZFS recordsize, compression, and advanced format disks

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