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2018-07-31: The hidden danger of using rsync to copy files instead of cp
2018-07-30: My own configuration files don't have to be dotfiles in $HOME
Being reminded that an obvious problem isn't necessarily obvious
2018-07-29: Our ZFS fileservers aren't happy when you do NFS writes to a full filesystem
2018-07-28: Word-boundary regexp searches are what I usually want
2018-07-27: Today I saw a spammer parasite itself on another spammer (probably)
2018-07-25: One advantage of Go modules will be less mess in $HOME/go/src
2018-07-24: I doubt Chrome's new 'not secure' warning about HTTP sites will change much (at least right away)
2018-07-23: Some notes on lifting Python 2 code into Python 3 code
The irritatingly many executable formats of Windows
2018-07-22: The problem with some non-HiDPI aware applications (is that they're very small)
2018-07-21: How we're handling NFS exports for our ZFS on Linux systems
2018-07-20: Linux's NFS exports permissions model compared to Illumos's
2018-07-19: Sometimes it actually is a Linux kernel bug
2018-07-17: Some things on Illumos NFS export permissions
2018-07-16: Why people are probably going to keep using today's Unixes
2018-07-15: When I'll probably be able to use Python assignment expressions
Understanding ZFS System Attributes
2018-07-14: The challenge of storing file attributes on disk
2018-07-13: ZFS on Linux's sharenfs problem (of what you can and can't put in it)
2018-07-11: You should probably write down what your math actually means
2018-07-10: Some thoughts on performance shifts in moving from an iSCSI SAN to local SSDs
Remembering that Python lists can use tuples as the sort keys
2018-07-08: TLS Certificate Authorities and 'trust'
We've decided to write our future Python tools in Python 3
2018-07-06: Having your SSH server on an alternate port provides no extra security today
I'm seeing occasional mysterious POST requests without Content-Types
2018-07-04: How and why we sell storage to people here
The hardware and basic setup for our third generation of ZFS fileservers
2018-07-03: The history of our custom NFS mount authorization system (or some of it)
2018-07-01: Understanding the first imperative of a commercial Certificate Authority

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