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2018-08-31: Link: A deep dive into the Go memory allocator
Configurations can quietly drift away from working over time, illustrated
Making Ubuntu bug reports seems to be useless (or pointless)
2018-08-29: Our problem with (Amanda) backups of many files, especially incrementals
How I recently used vendoring in Go
2018-08-28: An illustration of why it's hard to port outside code into the Linux kernel
2018-08-26: A little bit of the one-time MacOS version still lingers in ZFS
How ZFS maintains file type information in directories
2018-08-25: The history of file type information being available in Unix directories
2018-08-24: Incremental development in Python versus actual tests
2018-08-23: It's time for me to buckle down and add tests to our Django web app
2018-08-22: Why ed(1) is not a good editor today
2018-08-20: Explicit manipulation versus indirect manipulation UIs
It's worth testing that obvious things actually do work
2018-08-19: Why I'm mostly not interest in exploring new fonts (on Unix)
2018-08-17: Some malware apparently believes in covering its bases
Some Firefox addons I'm experimenting with (as of Firefox 62 or so)
2018-08-16: It matters where (or when) your programs ask questions
2018-08-14: Go's net package doesn't have opaque errors, just undocumented ones
Our problem with HTTPS and user-created content
2018-08-12: The evolution of our account creation script
A recent spate of ZIP attachments with everything
2018-08-10: Fetching really new Fedora packages with Bodhi
The benefits of driving automation through cron
One simple general pattern for making sure things are alive
2018-08-08: Systemd's DynamicUser feature is (currently) dangerous
A timesyncd total failure and systemd's complete lack of debugability
2018-08-06: Link: Where Vim Came From
Linux's /dev/disk/by-path names for disks change over time
2018-08-05: Some more notes on Firefox 63 and perhaps later media autoplay settings
Why email is often not as good as modern communication protocols
2018-08-03: Firefox now implements its remote control partly over D-Bus
How I want to use Go's versioned modules
2018-08-02: Ubuntu 18.04's problem with Amanda's amrecover

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