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2018-09-30: My Firefox addons as of Firefox '64' (the current development version)
Why updating my Fedora kernels is a complicated multi-step affair
2018-09-28: Addressable values in Go (and unaddressable ones too)
Using a very old ZFS filesystem can give you a kernel panic on Linux
2018-09-27: Learning about Go's unaddressable values and slicing
2018-09-25: A problem with unmounting FUSE mount points that are on NFS filesystems
2018-09-24: Why I don't set master passwords in programs
Walking away from Google Chrome
2018-09-22: The ed(1) command in the Single Unix Specification (and the SVID)
Some differences between various versions of ed(1)
2018-09-21: Your databases always have a schema
Why I mostly don't use ed(1) for non-interactive edits in scripts
2018-09-20: Ubuntu pretty much is the 'universe' repository for us
2018-09-19: The Extended Validation TLS certificate endgame is here (to my surprise)
2018-09-17: Python 3 supports not churning memory on IO
The importance of explicitly and clearly specifying things
2018-09-16: CPython has a fairly strongly predictable runtime, which can be handy
2018-09-15: How to use uBlock Origin to block Javascript by default
2018-09-14: How you migrate ZFS filesystems matters
2018-09-13: I don't like getters and setters and prefer direct field access
2018-09-12: A surprise discovery about procmail (and wondering about what next)
2018-09-11: The Linux kernel's internals showing through in the specifics of an NFS bug
2018-09-09: Why I don't think browsers will ever standardize how 'Reader Mode' works
Cookie management models in Firefox Quantum in practice
2018-09-07: My view of the current state of Go's dependency management (as of Go 1.11)
I've slowly been improving my web experience by trusting uMatrix more
2018-09-06: Our future IPv6 access control problems due to non-DHCP6 machines
2018-09-04: Some views on the Go 2 Error Inspection early draft proposal
ZFS quietly discards all-zero blocks, but only sometimes
2018-09-02: Link: "The History of a Security Hole" (in various *BSD kernels)
An extravagant and dense piece of malware-laden email
If one phish spam doesn't succeed, maybe another will
NFS directory reading and directory file type information

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