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2018-10-31: Do I feel uncertain about CentOS's future now? Yes, a bit
OpenSSH has broader key revocation than I thought
2018-10-29: Shooting myself in the foot by cargo-culting Apache configuration bits
2018-10-28: How I'm visualizing health check history in Grafana
Link: HiDPI on dual 4K monitors with Linux
The obviousness of inheritance blinded me to the right solution
2018-10-26: What 'dependency' means in Unix init systems is underspecified
2018-10-25: I should always give my Python classes a __str__ method
2018-10-24: You can sort of use zdb as a substitute for a proper ZFS fsck
2018-10-23: ZFS scrubs check (much) less than you probably think they do
2018-10-22: Some DKIM usage statistics from our recent inbound email (October 2018 edition)
Using group_* vector matching in Prometheus for database lookups
2018-10-21: Some tradeoffs of having a Certificate Authority in your model
2018-10-20: The original Unix ed(1) didn't load files being edited into memory
2018-10-18: Some things on delays and timings for Prometheus alerts
Link: Vectorized Emulation [of CPUs and virtual machines]
Why you should be willing to believe that ed(1) is a good editor
2018-10-17: When metrics disappear on updates with Prometheus Pushgateway
2018-10-16: Quickly bashing together little utilities with Python is nice
2018-10-15: The external delivery delays we see on our central mail machine
Garbage collection and the underappreciated power of good enough
2018-10-13: Getting a CPU utilization breakdown in Prometheus's query language, PromQL
How Prometheus's query steps (aka query resolution) work
2018-10-12: My unusual use for Firefox's Private Browsing mode
2018-10-11: Some notes on Prometheus's Blackbox exporter
2018-10-10: Even systemd services and dependencies are not self-documenting
2018-10-09: Something systemd is missing for diagnosing oddly slow boots
2018-10-07: It's good to check systemd for new boot-time things every so often
2018-10-06: A deep dive into the OS memory use of a simple Go program
Go basically never frees heap memory back to the operating system
2018-10-05: My non-approach to password management tools
2018-10-03: Thinking about what we want to be alerted about
2018-10-02: Thinking about what we probably want for monitoring, metrics, etc
An irritating limitation or two of addons in Firefox Quantum

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