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2018-11-30: Today I (re-)learned that top's output can be quietly system dependent
I've learned that sometimes the right way to show information is a simple one
2018-11-29: Go 2 Generics: Interfaces are not the right model for type constraints
2018-11-28: Go 2 Generics: A way to make contracts more readable for people (if not programs)
2018-11-26: (Open)SSH quiet connection disconnects in theory and in practice
2018-11-25: Firefox's middle-click behavior on HTML links on Linux
How we monitor our Prometheus setup itself
2018-11-23: Some Linux disk IO stats you can calculate from kernel information
Qualified praise for the Linux ss program
2018-11-21: Some views on more flexible (Illumos) kernel crash dumps
What I really miss when I don't have X across the network
2018-11-20: When Prometheus Alertmanager will tell you about resolved alerts
2018-11-18: Old zombie Linux distribution versions aren't really doing you any favours
Some notes about kernel crash dumps in Illumos
2018-11-16: Restisting the temptation to rely on Ubuntu for Django 1.11
Go 2 Generics: Contracts are too clever
2018-11-14: Linux iptables compared to OpenBSD PF (through a real example)
2018-11-13: Our pragmatic attachment to OpenBSD PF for our firewall needs
2018-11-12: What Python 3 versions I can use (November 2018 edition)
2018-11-11: Easy configuration for lots of Prometheus Blackbox checks
The needs of Version Control Systems conflict with capturing all metadata
OpenSSH 7.9's new key revocation support is welcome but can't be a full fix
2018-11-10: Why Prometheus turns out not be our ideal alerting system
Character by character TTY input in Unix, then and now
2018-11-09: Getting CPU utilization breakdowns efficiently in Prometheus
2018-11-08: The future of our homedir-based mail server system design
2018-11-07: What email messages to not send autoreplies to (late 2018 edition)
2018-11-06: Our self-serve system for 'vacation' autoreplies and its surprising advantage
2018-11-05: rate() versus irate() in Prometheus (and Grafana)
2018-11-04: DKIM provides sender attribution (for both spam and not necessarily spam)
My view on Debian versus Ubuntu LTS for us today
2018-11-02: Metadata that you can't commit into a VCS is a mistake (for file based websites)
2018-11-01: In Linux, hitting a strict overcommit limit doesn't trigger the OOM killer

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