Wandering Thoughts archives

2018-12-31: Our Linux ZFS fileservers work much like to our OmniOS ones
Thinking about DWiki's Python 3 Unicode issues
2018-12-30: Our third generation ZFS fileservers and their setup
2018-12-28: An odd MIME Content-Disposition or two
2018-12-27: Having metrics has taught me I didn't really know how our systems behave
The many return values of read() (plus some other cases)
2018-12-26: The problem of screenshots when you have a HiDPI display
2018-12-24: Some notes on ZFS prefetch related stats
Plaintext parts of email are fading away (in spam and non-spam)
2018-12-23: How I wound up finding a bug in GNU Tar
2018-12-21: Moving to Fedora 29 has not been one of the smooth upgrades for me
Working around an irritating recent XTerm change in behavior
2018-12-20: FreeBSD ZFS will be changing to be based on ZFS on Linux
2018-12-19: My unusual Linux setup of an untagged network and tagged VLANs on the same interface
2018-12-17: My current trick for keeping reasonably ready virtual machine images
Exploring casual questions with our new metrics system
2018-12-16: The Go 2 Error Handling proposal will likely lead to more use of error in return types
2018-12-15: Python 3's approach to filenames and arguments is pragmatically right
2018-12-14: Link: Everything you should know about certificates and PKI but are too afraid to ask
Why our Grafana URLs always require HTTP Basic Authentication
2018-12-13: Some new-to-me features in POSIX (or Single Unix Specification) Bourne shells
2018-12-12: One situation where you absolutely can't use irate() in Prometheus
2018-12-10: Why I'm usually unnerved when modern SSDs die on us
A spate of somewhat alarming flaky SMART errors on Crucial MX500 SSDs
2018-12-09: Firefox, WebExtensions, and Content Security Policies
2018-12-08: Link: HTTPS in the real world
2018-12-07: Why we like HTTP Basic Authentication in Apache so much
Modern Bourne shell arithmetic is pretty pleasant
2018-12-05: Some basic ZFS ARC statistics and prefetching
The brute force cron-based way of flexibly timed repeated alerts
2018-12-03: Wget is not welcome here any more (sort of)
Linux disk IO stats in Prometheus
2018-12-02: Checking to see if a process is alive (on Linux)

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