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2019-01-31: What getopt package I use for option handling in my Go programs
2019-01-30: ZFS On Linux's kernel modules issues are not like NVidia's
How having a metrics system centralized information and got me to check it
2019-01-28: Go 2 Generics: some features of contracts that I like
The potential risk to ZFS created by the shift in its userbase
2019-01-27: How to handle Unicode character decoding errors depends on your goals
2019-01-25: A piece of email malware that wanted to make sure we rejected it
The Linux kernel's pstore error log capturing system, and ACPI ERST
2019-01-23: Consider setting your Linux servers to reboot on kernel problems
A little surprise with Prometheus scrape intervals, timeouts, and alerts
2019-01-22: Things you can do to make your Linux servers reboot on kernel problems
2019-01-21: Two annoyances I have with Python's imaplib module
2019-01-20: A few notes on using SSL in Python 3 client programs
2019-01-19: A surprise potential gotcha with sharenfs in ZFS on Linux
2019-01-18: Linux CPU numbers are not necessarily contiguous
2019-01-17: Why C uninitialized global variables have an initial value of zero
2019-01-16: Perhaps you no longer want to force a server-preferred TLS cipher order on clients
2019-01-14: Why your fresh new memory pages are zero-filled
2019-01-13: Two views of ZFS's GPL-incompatibility and the Linux kernel
The risk that comes from ZFS on Linux not being GPL-compatible
Even thinking about spam makes me angry
2019-01-12: I have somewhat mixed feelings about Python 3's socket module errors
2019-01-11: A new drawback of using my custom-compiled Firefox
2019-01-10: Why I still have a custom-compiled Firefox (early 2019 edition)
2019-01-09: On right and wrong ways to harvest system-level performance stats
2019-01-08: Link: The IOCCC 2018 "Best of show" program
2019-01-07: Daemons and the pragmatics of unexpected error values from system calls
2019-01-06: accept(2)'s problem of trying to return two different sorts of errors
Linux network-scripts being deprecated is a problem for my home PPPoE link
2019-01-05: Some things on ZFS's per-pool performance statistics
2019-01-04: Planning ahead in documentation worked out for us
2019-01-02: You shouldn't allow Firefox to recommend things to you any more
How I get a copy of the Ubuntu kernel source code (as of Ubuntu 18.04)

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