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2019-02-28: Taking advantage of the Linux kernel NFS server's group membership cache
2019-02-27: How to see and flush the Linux kernel NFS server's group membership cache
Using Prometheus subqueries to do calculations over time ranges
2019-02-25: ntpdate has a surprising restriction on what it will sync to
Link: Vim anti-patterns
2019-02-24: Process states from /proc/[pid]/stat versus /proc/stat's running and blocked numbers
The modern danger of locales when you combine sort and cron
2019-02-22: Using default function arguments to avoid creating a class
2019-02-21: An advantage of tablets and two-in-one devices over small laptops
2019-02-20: What /proc/[pid]/stat's process state means and where it comes from
The cliffs in the way of adding tests to our Django web app
2019-02-18: When cloning git repos, things go faster if you start from a good base
2019-02-17: Why I like middle mouse button paste in xterm so much
Some notes on heatmaps and histograms in Prometheus and Grafana
2019-02-15: Accumulating a separated list in the Bourne shell
2019-02-14: A pleasant surprise with a Thunderbolt 3 10G-T Ethernet adapter
2019-02-13: An unpleasant surprise with part of Apache's AllowOverride directive
2019-02-12: Using grep with /dev/null, an old Unix trick
2019-02-11: Thinking about the merits of 'universal' URL structures
2019-02-10: Open protocols can evolve fast if they're willing to break other people
2019-02-09: 'Scanned' versus 'issued' numbers for ZFS scrubs (and resilvers)
2019-02-08: Making more use of keyboard control over window position and size
2019-02-07: A touchpad is not a mouse, or at least not a good one
2019-02-06: Using a single git repo to compare things between two upstreams
2019-02-05: A problem with strict memory overcommit in practice
2019-02-04: Hand-building an updated upstream kernel module for your (Fedora) kernel
2019-02-03: My temptation of getting a personal laptop
2019-02-02: A little appreciation for Vim's 'g' command
2019-02-01: A bit of Sun's history that still lingers on in Illumos

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