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2019-04-30: My problem with YAML's use of whitespace
2019-04-29: Notifications and interruptions, and my view on them
2019-04-28: A gotcha with stale metrics and *_over_time() in Prometheus
2019-04-27: Some useful features of (GNU) date for things like time conversion
2019-04-26: Brief notes on making Prometheus instant queries with curl
Various aspects of Python made debugging my tarfile problem unusual
2019-04-24: How we're making updated versions of a file rapidly visible on our Linux NFS clients
The appeal of using plain HTML pages
2019-04-22: Go 2 Generics: The usefulness of requiring minimal contracts
You might as well get an x86 CPU now, despite Meltdown and its friends
2019-04-21: My view on upgrading Prometheus (and Grafana) on an ongoing basis
2019-04-19: V7 Unix programs are often not written the way you would expect
Links: A Practitioner's Guide to System Dashboard Design (with a bonus)
2019-04-18: One reason ed(1) was a good editor back in the days of V7 Unix
A pattern for dealing with missing metrics in Prometheus in simple cases
2019-04-17: Private browsing mode versus a browser set to keep nothing on exit
2019-04-15: How Linux starts non-system software RAID arrays during boot under systemd
2019-04-14: A VPN for me but not you: a surprise when tethering to my phone
2019-04-13: Remembering that Prometheus expressions act as filters
WireGuard was pleasantly easy to get working behind a NAT (or several)
2019-04-12: Getting (and capturing) spam can sometimes be useful to see what's in it
2019-04-10: The tarfile module is too generous about what is considered a tar file
A Git tool that I'd like and how I probably use Git differently from most people
2019-04-08: An example of a situation where Go interfaces can't substitute for generics
2019-04-07: Why selecting times is still useful even for dashboards that are about right now
A ZFS resilver can be almost as good as a scrub, but not quite
2019-04-05: I won't be trying out ZFS's new TRIM support for a while
It's always DNS (a story of our circular dependency)
2019-04-03: A sign of people's fading belief in RSS syndication
NVMe and an interesting technology change
2019-04-01: Our plan for handling TRIM'ing our ZFS fileserver SSDs

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