Wandering Thoughts archives

2019-05-31: Some things on how ZFS dnode object IDs are allocated (which is not sequentially)
Some things about where icons for modern X applications come from
2019-05-30: Conditional expressions in any form are an attractive thing
2019-05-28: Distribution packaging of software needs to be informed (and useful)
An interesting report on newly used domain names and their usage in spam
2019-05-27: Something that Linux distributions should not do when packaging things
2019-05-26: Why I no longer have strong feelings about changes to Python
2019-05-25: Blocking JavaScript by default is not an easy path
2019-05-24: The problem of paying too much attention to our dashboards
2019-05-23: I will probably never give my shell dotfiles the major reform they could use
On programming languages belonging (or not) to their community
2019-05-22: Go is Google's language, not ours
2019-05-20: Understanding how to pull in labels from other metrics in Prometheus
2019-05-19: DKIM signed email as a signal (of something)
2019-05-18: Binding keys to actions in xterm, and my bindings as an example
2019-05-17: My new favorite tool for looking at TLS things is certigo
One of our costs of using OmniOS was not having 10G networking
2019-05-16: Go has no type for types in the language
2019-05-15: An infrequent odd kernel panic on our Ubuntu 18.04 fileservers
2019-05-13: Fixing Alpine to work over NFS on Ubuntu 18.04 (and probably other modern Linuxes)
2019-05-12: What we'll want in a new Let's Encrypt client
Committed address space versus active anonymous pages in Linux: a mystery
2019-05-10: Some thoughts on Red Hat Enterprise 8 including Python 2 and what it means
Firefox versus Chrome (my 2019 view)
2019-05-08: Some general things and views on DNS over HTTPS
A Linux machine with a strict overcommit limit can still trigger the OOM killer
2019-05-07: Some weird and dubious syndication feed fetching from SBL-listed IPs
2019-05-05: TLS certificate rollover outside of the web is complex and tangled
What usually identifies an intermediate or root TLS certificate
2019-05-03: In Go, unsafe type conversions are still garbage collection safe
Some implications of using offset instead of delta() in Prometheus
2019-05-01: One of my problems with YAML is its sheer complexity

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