Wandering Thoughts archives

2019-06-30: Understanding why 'root window' X under Wayland may matter
2019-06-29: Being realistic about what we're going to do with our Django app
2019-06-28: Using Prometheus's statsd exporter to let scripts make metrics updates
2019-06-27: Our last OmniOS fileserver is now out of production (and service)
2019-06-26: The death watch for the X Window System (aka X11) has probably started
A hazard of our old version of OmniOS: sometimes powering off doesn't
2019-06-24: The convenience (for me) of people writing commands in Python
2019-06-23: What it takes to run a 32-bit x86 program on a 64-bit x86 Linux system
2019-06-22: Google Groups entirely ignores SMTP time rejections
We get a certain amount of SMTP MAIL FROM's in UTF-8 with odd characters
2019-06-21: One of the things a metrics system does is handle state for you
2019-06-19: How Bash decides it's being invoked through sshd and sources your .bashrc
A Let's Encrypt client feature I always want for easy standard deployment
2019-06-17: Sometimes, the problem is in a system's BIOS
My Mastodon remark about tiling window managers
2019-06-16: Firefox and my views on the tradeoffs of using DNS over HTTPS
2019-06-15: Some notes on Intel's CPUID and how to get it for your CPUs
2019-06-14: Intel's approach to naming Xeon CPUs is pretty annoying
Intel's MDS issues have now made some old servers almost completely useless to us
2019-06-12: My weird problem with the Fedora 29 version of Firefox 67
An interesting Fedora 29 DNF update loop with the createrepo package
2019-06-10: Keeping your past checklists doesn't help unless you can find them again
2019-06-09: Go recognizes and specially compiles some but not all infinite loops
2019-06-08: Hardware Security Modules are just boxes running opaque and probably flawed software
Our current approach for updating things like build instructions
2019-06-06: Feed readers and their interpretation of the Atom 'title' element
2019-06-05: The HTML <pre> element doesn't do very much
Go channels work best for unidirectional communication, not things with replies
2019-06-03: Almost all of our OmniOS machines are now out of production
2019-06-02: Exploring the start time of Prometheus alerts via ALERTS_FOR_STATE
I haven't customized my Vim setup and I'm not sure I should try to (yet)

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