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2019-07-31: How mountd and exportfs handle NFS export permissions on Linux
Link: A program to read AMD Ryzen RAPL information on Linux
2019-07-30: I think it's time to explicitly set Go's $GO111MODULE environment variable
2019-07-29: The practical difference between CPU TDP and observed power draw illustrated
2019-07-28: A note on using the Go Prometheus client package to exposed labeled metrics
What I want out of my window manager
2019-07-26: Some things on the GUID checksum in ZFS pool uberblocks
How 'zpool import' generates its view of a pool's configuration
2019-07-24: I think I like systemd's DynamicUser feature (under the right circumstances)
ZFS pool imports happen in two stages of pool configuration processing
2019-07-22: Why file and directory operations are synchronous in NFS
2019-07-21: Why we're going to be using Certbot as our new Let's Encrypt client
Wireless networks have names and thus identify themselves
2019-07-19: Some brief views on iOS clients for Mastodon (as of mid 2019)
2019-07-18: Switching Let's Encrypt clients is currently quite disruptive
2019-07-17: Django 1.11 has a bug that causes intermittent CSRF validation failures
2019-07-16: Go's proposed try() will be used and that will change how code is written
2019-07-15: ZFS on Linux still has annoying issues with ARC size
2019-07-14: We're going to be separating our redundant resolving DNS servers
2019-07-13: Our switches can wind up in weird states after a power failure
2019-07-12: Browers can't feasibly stop web pages from talking to private (local) IP addresses
Reflections on almost entirely stopping using my (work) Yubikey
2019-07-10: I brought our Django app up using Python 3 and it mostly just worked
2019-07-09: Systemd services that always restart should probably set a restart delay too
2019-07-08: SMART drive self-tests seem potentially useful, but not too much
2019-07-07: Straightforward web applications are now very likely to be stable in browsers
2019-07-06: Clearing disk errors (or SMART complaints) for Linux software RAID arrays
2019-07-05: My plan for two-stage usage of Certbot when installing web server hosts
2019-07-04: Django's goals are probably not our goals for our web application
2019-07-03: Converting a variable to a single-element slice in Go via unsafe
Finding out what 32-bit x86 Linux programs your users are running
2019-07-01: The power of option types is in what they do to the rest of the language

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