Wandering Thoughts archives

2019-08-31: The sorts of email attachments that we get these days have become boring
2019-08-30: ZFS is not a universal filesystem that is always good for all workloads
How I'm dealing with my Python indentation problem in GNU Emacs
2019-08-28: A wifi MAC address randomization surprise in a new Android gadget
Allowing some Alias directives to override global Redirects in Apache
2019-08-26: A lesson of (alert) scale we learned from a power failure
2019-08-25: Text UIs and the problem of discoverability
2019-08-24: Apache, Let's Encrypt, and site-wide reverse proxies and HTTP redirections
2019-08-23: What happens in ZFS when you have 4K sector disks in an ashift=9 vdev
Link: GNOME Terminal Cursor Blinking Saga
2019-08-22: Pruning deleted remote Git branches (manually or automatically)
2019-08-21: Making sense of OpenBSD 'pfctl -ss' output for firewall state tables
2019-08-20: Saying goodbye to Flash (in Firefox, and in my web experience)
2019-08-19: Go 2 Generics: contracts are now boring (and that's good)
2019-08-18: Early notes on using LSP-based editing in GNU Emacs for Python
2019-08-17: A situation where Python has undefined values
2019-08-16: A gotcha with Fedora 30's switch of Grub to BootLoaderSpec based configuration
Systemd and waiting until network interfaces or addresses are configured
2019-08-15: Getting LSP-based editing working for Go in GNU Emacs
2019-08-13: Changes to Go and the appearance of finality
2019-08-12: Linux can run out of memory without triggering the Out-Of-Memory killer
2019-08-11: Roughly when the Linux Out-Of-Memory killer triggers (as of mid-2019)
2019-08-10: One core problem with DNSSEC
2019-08-09: Turning off DNSSEC in my Unbound instances
Non-uniform caches are harder to make work well
2019-08-07: What has to happen with Unix virtual memory when you have no swap space
Rewriting my iptables rules using ipsets
2019-08-05: dup(2) and shared file descriptors
2019-08-04: Some notes on understanding how to use flock(1)
2019-08-03: Sharing file descriptors with child processes is a clever Unix decision
Link: ASCII table and history (Or, why does Ctrl+i insert a Tab in my terminal?)
2019-08-02: If you can, you should use flock(1) for shell script locking
Getting NetworkManager to probably verify TLS certificates for 802.1x networks
2019-08-01: How not to set up your DNS (part 24)

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