Wandering Thoughts archives

2019-09-30: Using alerts as tests that guard against future errors
Link: The asymmetry of Internet identity
ZFS performance really does degrade as you approach quota limits
2019-09-29: Understanding when to use and not use the -F option for flock(1)
2019-09-27: Some field notes on imposing memory resource limits on users on Ubuntu 18.04
A file permissions and general deployment annoyance with Certbot
2019-09-25: It's always convenient when malware is clear about its nature (7z edition)
Our workaround for Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 failing to reliably reboot some of our servers
2019-09-24: How we implement per-user CPU and memory resource limits on Ubuntu
2019-09-22: The increasing mess of libreadline versions in Linux distributions
2019-09-21: Why chroot is a security feature for (anonymous) FTP
2019-09-20: Modernizing (a bit) some of our HTML form <input> elements
TLS server certificate verification has two parts (and some consequences)
2019-09-18: Firefox, DNS over HTTPS, and us
Converting a Go pointer to an integer doesn't quite do what it looks like
2019-09-17: Finding metrics that are missing labels in Prometheus (for alert metrics)
2019-09-16: The problem of 'triangular' Network Address Translation
2019-09-14: Some notes on the structure of Go binaries (primarily for ELF)
2019-09-13: Bidirectional NAT and split horizon DNS in our networking setup
2019-09-12: The mystery of why my Fedora 30 office workstation was booting fine
2019-09-11: Making your own changes to things that use Go modules
2019-09-10: Catching Control-C and a gotcha with shell scripts
2019-09-09: A safety note about using (or having) go.mod inside $GOPATH in Go 1.13
2019-09-08: Jumping backward and forward in GNU Emacs
2019-09-07: CentOS 7 and Python 3
2019-09-06: Programs that let you jump around should copy web browser navigation
Go modules and the problem of noticing updates to dependencies
2019-09-04: If you use the rarfile module, make sure you're using version 3.0 (or later)
Using Wireshark's Statistics menu to get per-host traffic volume
2019-09-02: Another way to do easy configuration for lots of Prometheus Blackbox checks
2019-09-01: Some limitations of wifi MAC address randomization

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