Wandering Thoughts archives

2019-10-31: Some thoughts on the pragmatics of classifying phish spam as malware
2019-10-30: Chrony has been working well for us (on Linux, where we use it)
2019-10-29: Netplan's interface naming and issues with it
2019-10-28: One of XHTML's practical problems was its implications for web page generation
2019-10-27: An interesting little glitch in how Firefox sometimes handles updates to addons
My common patterns in shell script verbosity (for sysadmin programs)
2019-10-26: An incorrect superstition about running commands in the Bourne shell
2019-10-24: Third party ClamAV signatures seem to include a lot of phish and other spam
2019-10-23: The DBus daemon and out of memory conditions (and systemd)
2019-10-22: Groups of processes are a frequent and fundamental thing in Unix
2019-10-21: Filesystem size limits and the complication of when errors are detected
2019-10-20: A small irritation with Go's crypto/tls package
2019-10-19: Ubuntu LTS is (probably) still the best Linux for us and many people
2019-10-18: My little irritation with Firefox's current handling of 'Do-Not-Track'
Remembering that Django template code is not quite your Django Python code
2019-10-16: Some magical weirdness in Django's HTML form classes
2019-10-15: The Ubuntu package roulette
2019-10-14: Googlebot is both quite fast and very determined to crawl your pages
2019-10-13: If you don't test it in your automated testers, it's broken
Magic is fine if it's all magic: why I've switched to use-package in GNU Emacs
2019-10-11: A YAML syntax surprise and trick in Prometheus Alertmanager configuration
2019-10-10: Some additional information on ZFS performance as you approach quota limits
2019-10-09: Limiting the size of things in a filesystem is harder than it looks
2019-10-08: How we implement reboot notifications when our machines reboot in Prometheus
2019-10-07: Why we generate alert notifications about our machines having rebooted
2019-10-06: Automating our 'bookable' compute servers with SLURM has created generic 'cattle' machines
2019-10-05: The wikitext problem with new HTML elements such as <details>
2019-10-04: Vim, its defaults, and the problem this presents sysadmins
2019-10-03: Making changes to multiple files at once in Vim
2019-10-02: It's useful to record changes that you tried and failed to do
2019-10-01: My interest in and disappointment about HTML5's new <details> element

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