Wandering Thoughts archives

2019-11-30: Operating spam and malware filtering is ultimately a social problem
Counting the number of distinct labels in a Prometheus metric
2019-11-29: The problem of multiple NVMe drives in a PC desktop today
2019-11-27: Selecting metrics to gather mostly based on what we can use
Capturing command output in a Bourne shell variable as a brute force option
2019-11-25: In Prometheus, don't be afraid of high cardinality metrics if they're valuable enough
2019-11-24: I use unit tests partly to verify that something works in the first place
Timing durations better in Python (most of the time)
2019-11-23: Thinking about timeouts and exceptions in Python
2019-11-22: Our problem of checking if our L2TP VPN servers are actually working
2019-11-20: In the old days, we didn't use multiple Unixes by choice (mostly)
The fading out of multi-'architecture' Unix environments
2019-11-18: LiveJournal and the path to NoSQL
2019-11-17: It's good to make sure you have notifications of things
The operational differences between notifications and logs
2019-11-15: How we structure our Django web application's configuration settings
2019-11-14: TCP/IP and a consequence of reliable delivery guarantees
2019-11-13: How to make a rather obnoxiously bad web spider the easy way
My mistake in forgetting how Apache .htaccess files are checked
2019-11-11: An apparent hazard of removing Linux software RAID mirror devices
2019-11-10: Putting a footer on automated email that says what generated it
The problems with piping curl to a shell are system management ones
2019-11-08: I have to assume that people here can be successfully phished
2019-11-07: Some notes on getting email when your systemd timer services fail
Realizing that Go constants are always materialized into values
2019-11-06: Systemd needs official documentation on best practices
2019-11-04: Systemd timer units have the unfortunate practical effect of hiding errors
Many of our 'worklog' messages currently assume a lot of context
2019-11-02: Using personal ruleset recipes in uMatrix in Firefox
2019-11-01: The appeal of text templating systems for generating HTML

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