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2019-12-31: Things I've stopped using in GNU Emacs for working on Go
2019-12-30: A retrospective on our OmniOS ZFS-based NFS fileservers
The history and background of us using Prometheus
2019-12-29: Prometheus and Grafana after a year (more or less)
2019-12-28: Our setup of Prometheus and Grafana (as of the end of 2019)
2019-12-26: The Unix C library API can only be reliably used from C
2019-12-25: Some reasons for Go to not make system calls through the standard C library
Why udev may be trying to rename your VLAN interfaces to bad names
2019-12-23: The BSD and Linux approaches to development put coherence in different places
2019-12-22: OpenBSD has to be a BSD Unix and you couldn't duplicate it with Linux
Filenames and paths should be a unique type and not a form of strings
2019-12-20: My new Linux office workstation disk partitioning for the end of 2019
Splitting a mirrored ZFS pool in ZFS on Linux
2019-12-18: Linux kernel Security Modules (LSMs) need their own errno value
PCIe slot bandwidth can change dynamically (and very rapidly)
2019-12-17: Browsers and the relative size of their default monospace fonts
2019-12-16: Some pragmatics of blackbox and whitebox malware filtering
2019-12-15: Peering into the depths of (presumed) website vulnerability probing
2019-12-14: It's unfortunately time to move away from using '/usr/bin/python'
2019-12-13: Working out which of your NVMe drives is in what slot under Linux
2019-12-12: Linux makes your PCIe topology visible in sysfs (/sys)
2019-12-11: Fedora is got a good choice if long term stability and usability is a high priority
2019-12-10: It's a good idea to label all of the drives in your desktop
2019-12-09: Firefox's peculiar handling of font choice preferences
2019-12-08: The Go runtime scheduler's clever way of dealing with system calls
2019-12-07: Some important things about how PCIe works out involve BIOS magic
2019-12-06: PCIe bus addresses, lspci, and working out your PCIe bus topology
2019-12-05: Looking into your system's PCIe slot topology and PCIe lane count under Linux
2019-12-04: Desktop motherboards can have fewer useful PCIe slots than they seem to
2019-12-02: You can have Grafana tables with multiple values for a single metric (with Prometheus)
Calculating usage over time in Prometheus (and Grafana)

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