Wandering Thoughts archives

2020-12-31: GNU Date and several versions of RFC 3339 dates
2020-12-30: Some ways to do a Prometheus query as of a given time
A Prometheus wish: easy ways to evaluate a PromQL query at a given time
2020-12-28: It feels like the broad Unix API is being used less these days
A little puzzle with printf() and C argument passing
2020-12-27: Our alerts are quiet most of the time (as they should be)
2020-12-25: The expiry time of Certificate Authority root certificates can be nominal (or not)
In Python 3, types are classes (as far as repr() is concerned)
2020-12-24: In CPython, types implemented in C actually are part of the type tree
2020-12-23: Using constant Python hash functions for fun and no real profit
2020-12-21: The legibility of different versions of ZFS
2020-12-20: Who I think CentOS Stream is and isn't for
Go modules are soon going to be the only future
2020-12-18: On Go, release timing, and new machines
2020-12-17: Limiting the Nouveau kernel driver's messages via removal
2020-12-16: Mailing lists and bounce handling (or not handling bounces) today
2020-12-15: How to make Grafana properly display a Unix timestamp
In Prometheus, it's hard to work with when metric points happened
2020-12-14: Chrome is getting its own set of Certificate Authority roots
2020-12-12: My views on the suitability of CentOS Stream
Sometimes a problem really is just a coincidence
2020-12-11: CentOS's switch to CentOS Stream has created a lot of confusion
2020-12-09: A probable benefit to enabling screen blanking on LCD displays
2020-12-08: CentOS's switch to Stream is a major change in what CentOS is
2020-12-07: Exploring when the network is up on a machine
2020-12-06: The deprecation of FTP in browsers and its likely effects on search engines
Linux's hostname -s switch is now safe for many people, but the situation is messy
2020-12-04: How to get generic interface names and IPs in OpenBSD PF
Some thoughts about low power loads and power supply efficiency
2020-12-02: Prometheus 2.23.0 now lets you display graphs in local time
2020-12-01: A new appreciation for Firefox's 'Performance' web developer tool
2020-11-30: Our monitoring of our OpenBSD machines, such as it is (as of November 2020)
Link: wtfpython
2020-11-29: Some thoughts on how I still miss DTrace (and also mdb)
The death and life of postmaster@anywhere
2020-11-27: Setting up self-contained Go program source that uses packages
2020-11-26: The better way to make an Ubuntu 20.04 ISO that will boot on UEFI systems
Making an Ubuntu 20.04 ISO that will boot on UEFI systems
2020-11-25: Firefox's WebRender has mixed results for me on Linux
2020-11-23: What containers do and don't help you with
My views on when you should use the official upstream versions of software
2020-11-22: Sometimes it's best to use the official upstream versions of software
2020-11-21: Github based projects have RSS syndication feeds for their releases
2020-11-19: Firefox on Linux has not worked well with WebRender for me so far
Apple Silicon Macs versus ARM PCs
2020-11-17: Grafana and the case of the infinite serial number
2020-11-16: POSIX write() is not atomic in the way that you might like
Unix doesn't normally do short write()s to files and no one expects it to
2020-11-15: I don't expect to have an ARM-based PC any time soon
2020-11-14: Linux servers can still wind up using SATA in legacy PATA mode
2020-11-13: If you use Exim on Ubuntu, you probably want to skip Ubuntu 20.04
2020-11-11: The problems inherent in building your own copies of software packages
Logging fatal exceptions in my Python programs is not enough
2020-11-09: Seriously using virtualization clashes with our funding model
Getting the git tags that are before and after a commit (in simple cases)
2020-11-08: Thinking about two different models of virtualization hosts
2020-11-07: Turning on console blanking on a Linux machine when logged in remotely
2020-11-06: Console blanking now defaults to off on Linux (and has for a while)
It's possible that the real size of different SSDs is now consistent
2020-11-04: In Python, using the logging package is part of your API, or should be
You shouldn't use the Linux dump program any more (on extN filesystems)
2020-11-03: Fixing blank Cinnamon sessions in VMWare virtual machines (on Fedora)
2020-11-01: Python's global statement and imports in functions
2020-10-31: A gotcha with combining single-label and multi-label Prometheus metrics
Some settings you want to make to CyberPower's UPS Powerpanel daemon
2020-10-30: A sysadmin learning experience courtesy of some UPS issues
2020-10-29: An illustration of why running code during import is a bad idea (and how it happens anyway)
2020-10-28: An issue with Pip installed packages and Python versions (on Unix)
2020-10-26: Sometimes alerts have inobvious reasons for existing
Link: [Firefox] Navigational Instruments
Fifteen years of DWiki, the Python engine of Wandering Thoughts
2020-10-25: Remotely upgrading my office workstation to Fedora 32 worked fine
2020-10-24: Why configuration file snippets in a directory should have some extension
2020-10-23: An inconvenience of physical hardware is that it has to be delivered
2020-10-21: Keeping VMware Workstation VMs running when I quit from VMware
A mystery uncovered by Fedora 32 changing my default font
2020-10-19: Firefox has a little handy font-related thing on Unix (or at least Linux)
What versions of PyPy I can use (October 2020 edition)
2020-10-18: We need to start getting some experience with using Ubuntu 20.04
2020-10-17: A potential Prometheus issue for labeled metrics for infrequent events
2020-10-16: Go is gaining the ability to trace init calls on program startup
2020-10-15: Go packages can have more than one init() function
2020-10-13: As an outsider, I prefer issue tracking to be in its own application
2020-10-12: If you send automated email, you should scan it with anti-spam software
2020-10-11: Microsoft SharePoint is being used to send spam
Our current usage and views of UPSes (late 2020 edition)
2020-10-10: Wanting to be able to monitor for electrical power quality issues
2020-10-09: Whether extra disks should be live or spare now depends on HDs versus SSDs
2020-10-08: Sorting out what the Single Unix Specification is and covers
2020-10-07: A handy diff argument handling feature that's actually very old
2020-10-06: Linux distributions have sensible reasons to prefer periodic releases
2020-10-04: Web page generation systems should support remapping external URLs
Link: Old-School Disk Partitions
Solid state disks in mirrors and other RAID setups, and wear lifetimes
2020-10-03: A thought about the lifetimes of hard disks and solid state disks
2020-10-02: Firefox is improving its handling of HTTP Basic Authentication (on Unix)
2020-09-30: People still use newgrp (to my surprise)
Using DMARC information is complicated in practice in the real world
How the Unix newgrp command behaved back in V7 Unix
2020-09-29: Implementing 'and' conditions in Exim SMTP ACLs the easy way (and in Exim routers too)
Why the Unix newgrp command exists (sort of)
Where (and how) you limit your concurrency in Go can matter
2020-09-28: My likely path away from spinning hard drives on my home desktop
Making product names of what you use visible to people is generally a mistake
Looking at DKIM information for our 'good' email (September 2020 edition)
2020-09-27: Remote power control for your machines comes in two flavours
2020-09-26: We rebooted all of our servers remotely (more or less) and it all worked
Using SPF on HELO/EHLO hostnames is repurposing SPF to validate a different thing
2020-09-19: Python virtual environments transparently add themselves to sys.path
2020-09-17: Python 3 venvs don't normally really embed their own copy of Python (on Unix)
2020-09-16: How I think I want to drop modern Python packages into a single program
Why I write recursive descent parsers (despite their issues)
2020-09-15: When the Go garbage collector will panic over bad pointer values
2020-09-13: I'm now a user of Vim, not classical Vi (partly because of windows)
Rolling distribution releases versus periodic releases are a tradeoff
2020-09-12: Some notes on what Fedora's DNF logs and where
2020-09-10: My take on permanent versus temporary HTTP redirects in general
Permanent versus temporary redirects when handling extra query parameters on your URLs
2020-09-08: What you should do about extra query parameters on your URLs
2020-09-07: Why Fedora version upgrades are complicated and painful for me
URL query parameters and how laxness creates de facto requirements on the web
2020-09-06: Daniel J. Bernstein's IM2000 email proposal is not a good idea
2020-09-05: Some notes on what the CyberPower UPS 'Powerpanel' software reports to you
2020-09-04: In practice, cool URLs change (eventually)
2020-09-02: Why I want something like Procmail with a dedicated mail filtering language
2020-09-01: Even in Go, concurrency is still not easy (with an example)
2020-08-31: Why we won't like it if signing email is the solution to various email problems
2020-08-30: All forms of signing email are generally solving the wrong problem (a thesis)
2020-08-29: An interesting mistake with Go's context package that I (sort of) made
2020-08-28: My divergence from 'proper' Vim by not using and exploring features
Firefox 80 and my confusion over its hardware accelerated video on Linux
2020-08-26: Even on SSDs, ongoing activity can slow down ZFS scrubs drastically
2020-08-25: My home desktop is still locking up when it gets too cold (and what next)
2020-08-24: I want a type of desktop PC (and motherboard) that's generally skipped
2020-08-23: The Linux kernel bugzilla (and others) get spammed (of course)
2020-08-22: Some bits on making Python's argparse module work like Unix usually does
2020-08-21: Link: Why Did Mozilla Remove XUL Add-ons?
When I stopped believing in Google's fundamental good nature
2020-08-20: What you're looking for with a Grafana dashboard affects its settings
2020-08-19: Potential problem points for Chrome (or any browser) to support Linux
2020-08-18: The Prometheus host agent can disturb Linux CPU frequency measurements
2020-08-17: Firefox and web browsers for Linux
Important parts of Unix's history happened before readline support was common
2020-08-16: "It works on my laptop" is a blame game
2020-08-15: Go will inline functions across packages (under the right circumstances)
2020-08-14: Go 1.15's interface optimization for small integers is invisible to Go programs
2020-08-12: People often have multiple social identities even in the physical realm
How Go 1.15 improved converting small integer values to interfaces
2020-08-10: Disabling DNF modules on Fedora 31 so they don't mess up package updates
2020-08-09: Unix options conventions are just that, which makes them products of culture
2020-08-08: More problems with Fedora 31 DNF modules and package updates
2020-08-07: How we choose our time intervals in our Grafana dashboards
Our problem installing an old Ubuntu kernel set of packages
2020-08-05: My views on some conventions for Unix command line options
We may wind up significantly delaying or mostly skipping Ubuntu 20.04
2020-08-03: Exim's change to 'taint' some Exim variables is going to cause us pain
The issue of how to propagate some errors in our Django web app
2020-08-01: Getting my head around the choice between sleeping and 'tickers'
2020-07-31: Putting some extra 'obvious' information into our temperature alerts
2020-07-30: Putting IPMIs on a port isolated network to deal with shared network interfaces
2020-07-29: The problem of 'shared' IPMI network interfaces
2020-07-28: Our ZFS spares handling system for ZFS on Linux
Digital microwaves show an example of good UI doing what you wanted
2020-07-26: Linux PAM leads to terrible error messages from things like passwd
Keeping backup ZFS on Linux kernel modules around
2020-07-24: My varied types of Firefox windows
Some thoughts on us overlooking Illumos's syseventadm
2020-07-23: C's main() is one of the places where Unix's user and kernel APIs differ
2020-07-21: Contrasting the two common approaches to where programs start running
2020-07-20: An exploration of why Python doesn't require a 'main' function
2020-07-19: In praise of ZFS On Linux's ZED 'ZFS Event Daemon'
2020-07-18: Using Go build directives to optionally use new APIs in the standard library
2020-07-17: Not all sysadmin tools should be silent by default
2020-07-16: Malware spammers put .exe Windows executables in everything
2020-07-15: A piece of phish spam with some clever URL obfuscation
2020-07-14: Today I learned that Python's argparse module allows you to abbreviate long command line options
Link: The Anatomy of a PromQL Query
2020-07-13: How major and minor device numbers worked in V7 Unix
2020-07-12: Running servers and Fred Brooks on transforming programs to products
Linux desktop application autostarting is different from systemd user units
2020-07-10: The impact on middleware of expanding APIs with Go's interface smuggling
Ubuntu, building current versions of Firefox, and snaps
2020-07-09: Link: Mime type associations (on Linux)
2020-07-08: "Interface smuggling", a Go design pattern for expanding APIs
2020-07-07: Some thoughts on Fedora moving to btrfs as the default desktop file system
I now think that blog 'per day' pages with articles are a mistake
2020-07-05: A Go lesson learned: sometimes I don't want to use goroutines if possible
2020-07-04: How you get multiple TLS certificate chains from a server certificate
What a TLS self signed certificate is at a mechanical level
2020-07-02: The work that's not being done from home is slowly accumulating for us
Link: Code Only Says What it Does
2020-07-01: In ZFS, your filesystem layout needs to reflect some of your administrative structure
2020-06-30: The unfortunate limitation in ZFS filesystem quotas and refquota
2020-06-29: How Prometheus Blackbox's TLS certificate metrics would have reacted to AddTrust's root expiry
Adapting our Django web app to changing requirements by not doing much
2020-06-28: Understanding why Django's goals are not our goals for our web application
2020-06-26: NetworkManager and (not) dealing with conflicting network connections
2020-06-25: What Prometheus Blackbox's TLS certificate expiry metrics are checking
2020-06-24: Unix's design issue of device numbers being in stat() results for files
2020-06-23: Sometimes it takes other people to show you some of your site's design flaws
2020-06-22: Today I learned that HTML <abbr> may not do much on mobile browsers
2020-06-21: In Go, the compiler needs to know the types of things when copying values
2020-06-20: The additional complications in DNS updates that secondary DNS servers add
2020-06-19: Removing unmaintained packages from your Fedora machine should require explicitly opting in
People's efficiency expectations for generics in 'Go 2' and patterns of use
2020-06-17: How applications autostart on modern Linux desktops
A scrolling puzzle involving GTK+, XInput, and alternate desktops (on Fedora)
2020-06-15: Input events on X have an old world and a new world
2020-06-14: Product code and utility code
2020-06-13: An interesting combination of flaws in some /etc/mailcap handling
2020-06-12: The safety of GMail's POP server TLS certificate verification (or lack of it)
Dual displays contrasting with virtual screens (aka multiple desktops)
2020-06-10: A dual display setup creates a natural split between things
2020-06-09: The practical people problem with instance diversity in the Fediverse
My mixed feelings about 'swap on zram' for Linux
2020-06-07: A Go time package gotcha with parsing time strings that use named time zones
2020-06-06: Why sysadmins don't like changing things, illustrated
2020-06-05: Why we put alert start and end times in our Prometheus alert messages
2020-06-04: Formatting alert start and end times in Prometheus Alertmanager messages
2020-06-03: In theory you (we) should have SPF records for HELO hostnames too
2020-06-02: A subtle trap when formatting Go time.Time values
2020-06-01: Watching the recent AddTrust root CA certificate expiry has been humbling
2020-05-31: Mail forwarding is slowly dying (probably)
2020-05-30: How we're likely to DKIM sign some of our email messages
2020-05-29: What sort of SSH keys our users use or have listed in their authorized keys files
2020-05-28: The surprising persistence of RSA keys in SSH
2020-05-27: What I think OpenSSH 8.2+'s work toward deprecating 'ssh-rsa' means
My various settings in X to get programs working on my HiDPI display
2020-05-25: My failure with Xpra (probably because what I want is almost impossible)
2020-05-24: A cheatsheet for Python's pip for how I use it
Security questions and warnings are effectively confirmation requests
2020-05-22: Mixed feelings about Firefox Addons' new non-Recommended extensions warning
Working out how frequently your ICMP pings fail in Prometheus
2020-05-20: How I work on Python 2 and Python 3 with the Python Language Server (in GNU Emacs)
Switching to the new in-kernel WireGuard module was easy (on Fedora 31)
2020-05-18: Reading the POSIX standard for Unix functions is not straightforward
2020-05-17: Syndication feeds (RSS) and social media can be complementary
Some views on having your system timezone set to UTC
2020-05-15: Why we use city names when configuring system timezones
2020-05-14: Exploring munmap() on page zero and on unmapped address space
2020-05-13: Getting my head around what things aren't comparable in Go
The modern HTTPS world has no place for old web servers
2020-05-11: Why we have several hundred NFS filesystems in our environment
2020-05-10: How we guarantee there's always some free space in our ZFS pools
2020-05-09: How big our fileserver environment is (as of May 2020)
2020-05-08: Revisiting what the ZFS recordsize is and what it does
Linux software RAID resync speed limits are too low for SSDs
2020-05-06: Modern versions of systemd can cause an unmount storm during shutdowns
How to set up an Ubuntu 20.04 ISO image to auto-install a server
2020-05-04: Notes on the autoinstall configuration file format for Ubuntu 20.04
The Go compiler has real improvements in new versions (and why)
2020-05-03: What OSes we use here (as of May 2020)
2020-05-01: What problems Snaps and Flatpaks are solving
2020-04-30: The afterlife of Python 2
2020-04-29: The problem of Ubuntu 20.04, Snaps, and where your home directory is
Dealing with my worries about Django and HTTP Basic Authentication
2020-04-27: I think you should generally be using the latest version of Go
My views on SystemTap as compared to eBPF for Linux kernel instrumentation
2020-04-26: Looking back at DTrace from a Linux eBPF world (some thoughts)
2020-04-25: Some notes on Firefox's interstitial warning for old TLS versions
2020-04-24: Accepting TLS certificate hostnames based on IP address checks is not safe
2020-04-23: The Unix divide over who gets to chown things, and (disk space) quotas
2020-04-22: More on chown in combination with symlinks
2020-04-20: An important safety note about chown and symlinks (also chmod and chgrp)
2020-04-19: Verifying the server hostname for a TLS certificate has two purposes
GMail, POP, and TLS server certificate verification
2020-04-17: We've disabled eBPF for normal users on our Linux machines
Some bits of grep usage are where I disagree with Shellcheck
2020-04-15: Some ways that servers make their disks not hot-swappable
We're (temporarily) moving to three way mirrored disks on our servers
2020-04-13: If you use GNU Grep on text files, use the -a (--text) option
2020-04-12: The appeal of doing exact string comparisons with Apache's RewriteCond
ZFS on Linux has now become the OpenZFS ZFS implementation
2020-04-10: 'Deduplicated' ZFS send streams are now deprecated and on the way out
Why my commit messages for configuration files describe my changes
2020-04-08: Why you want a Linux bootloader even on UEFI systems
There can be differences in what malware variants anti-spam systems distinguish
2020-04-06: Fedora 31 fumbles DNF modules, package updates edition
2020-04-05: My normal process for upgrading from one Fedora version to another
Why it's very bad for applications to start themselves automatically
2020-04-03: Microsoft Teams' bad arrogance on (Fedora) Linux
2020-04-02: We may face some issues with the timing of Ubuntu 20.04 and its effects
2020-04-01: Why Linux bootloaders wind up being complicated
2020-03-31: My home DSL link really is fast enough to make remote X acceptable
2020-03-30: It's worth documenting the obvious (before it stops being obvious)
Notes on Grafana 'value groups' for dashboard variables
2020-03-29: I set up Python program options and arguments in a separate function
2020-03-28: The Prometheus host agent's CPU utilization metrics can be a bit weird
2020-03-27: OpenBSD's 'spinning' CPU time category
2020-03-26: Any KVM over IP systems need to be on secure networks
2020-03-25: The problem of your (our) external mail gateway using internal DNS views
2020-03-23: How we set up our ZFS filesystem hierarchy in our ZFS pools
Why we use 1U servers, and the two sides of them
2020-03-22: Avoiding the 'dangling else' language problem with mandatory block markers
2020-03-20: Wishing for a remote resilient server environment (now that it's too late)
2020-03-19: Make sure to keep useful labels in your Prometheus alert rules
Sorting out Go's 'for ... = range ..' and when it copies things
2020-03-18: Understanding X mouse cursors (and their several layers of history)
2020-03-17: A problem I'm having with my HiDPI display, remote X, and (X) cursors
2020-03-16: How Firefox could support automatically using local DNS over HTTPS servers
2020-03-15: Why the choice of DNS over HTTPS server needs to be automatic (a sysadmin view)
2020-03-14: The two meanings of 'DNS over HTTPS' today
2020-03-13: Sensible heuristics for when to use DNS over HTTPS can't work for us
2020-03-12: TLS increasingly exists in three different worlds
2020-03-11: Some notes on the state of DNS over HTTPS in Firefox (as of March 2020)
2020-03-09: Logging out of HTTP Basic Authentication in Firefox
What makes our Ubuntu updates driver program complicated
2020-03-08: How we sort of automate updating system packages across our Ubuntu machines
2020-03-07: Linux's iowait statistic and multi-CPU machines
2020-03-05: The problem of Unix iowait and multi-CPU machines
2020-03-04: Unix's iowait% is a narrow and limited measure that can be misleading
2020-03-03: One impact of the dropping of Python 2 from Linux distributions
2020-03-02: More or less what versions of Go support what OpenBSD releases (as of March 2020)
2020-03-01: The situation with Go on OpenBSD
2020-02-29: OpenBSD versus Prometheus (and Go)
2020-02-28: One reason for Go to prefer providing indexes in for ... range loops
2020-02-27: Some alert inhibition rules we use in Prometheus Alertmanager
2020-02-26: The magic settings to make a bar graph in Grafana
The browsers are probably running the TLS show now
2020-02-25: The basics of /etc/mailcap on Ubuntu (and Debian)
2020-02-23: Webmail providers (and others) hiding user IPs was the right decision
Our (unusual) freedom to use alerts as notifications
2020-02-22: Will common motherboards ever have very many NVMe drive slots?
2020-02-21: An appreciation for Cinnamon's workspace flipping keyboard shortcuts
2020-02-20: Link: Stop Using Encrypted Email
2020-02-19: Load average is now generally only a secondary problem indicator
How and why we regularly capture information about running processes
2020-02-17: The uncertainty of an elevated load average on our Linux IMAP server
The case of mysterious load average spikes on our Linux login server
2020-02-16: With sudo, complex argument validation is best in cover scripts
2020-02-14: Unix's /usr split and standards (and practice)
The /bin versus /usr split and diskless workstations
2020-02-12: You can't delegate a ZFS administration permission to delete only snapshots
Some git aliases that I use
2020-02-10: Doing frequent ZFS scrubs lets you discover problems close to when they happened
2020-02-09: I'm likely giving up on trying to read Fedora package update information
Code dependencies and operational dependencies
2020-02-08: Ways that I have lost the source code for installed programs
2020-02-07: I frequently use dependencies because they enable my programs to exist
2020-02-05: The drawback of having a dynamic site with a lot of URLs on today's web
2020-02-04: What 'is' translates to in CPython bytecode
The place of the 'is' syntax in Python
2020-02-02: What we do to enable us to grow our ZFS pools over time
Some unusual and puzzling bad requests for my CSS stylesheet
2020-01-31: Finding out what directories exist with only basic shell builtins (a Unix shell trick)
2020-01-30: Some notes on Python's email.header.decode_header()
2020-01-29: Some effects of the ZFS DVA format on data layout and growing ZFS pools
Why ZFS is not good at growing and reshaping pools (or shrinking them)
2020-01-28: More badly encoded MIME Content-Disposition headers
2020-01-26: The real world is mutable (and consequences for system design)
How big our Prometheus setup is (as of January 2020)
2020-01-25: A network interface losing and regaining signal can have additional effects (in Linux)
2020-01-24: Go compared to Python for small scale system administration scripts and tools
2020-01-23: What we've written in Go at work and how it came about (as of January 2020)
2020-01-22: Why I've come to like that Go's type inference is limited
2020-01-20: The value of automation having ways to shut it off (a small story)
2020-01-19: Python 2, Apache's mod_wsgi, and its future in Linux distributions
Why a network connection becoming writable when it succeeds makes sense
2020-01-18: CUPS's page log, its use of SNMP, and (probably) why CUPS PPDs turn that off
2020-01-17: The question of how long Python 2 will be available in Linux distributions
2020-01-15: How Go's net.DialContext() stops things when the context is cancelled
Stopping udev from renaming your VLAN interfaces to bad names
2020-01-13: We may not want to use OCSP stapling in our web servers
Link: Mercurial's Journey to and Reflections on Python 3
2020-01-12: Sorting out the dates of Python 2's 'end of life'
How I now think you want to configure Apache for OCSP stapling
2020-01-10: OCSP stapling and what web servers and browsers do in the face of errors
Fedora 31 has decided to allow (and have) giant process IDs (PIDs)
2020-01-08: Why I use both uBlock Origin and uMatrix
My Firefox addons as of Firefox '74' (the current development version)
2020-01-07: eBPF based tools are still a work in progress on common Linuxes
2020-01-06: How I move files between iOS devices and Unix machines (using SSH)
2020-01-05: Why I prefer the script exporter for exposing script metrics to Prometheus
2020-01-04: Three ways to expose script-created metrics in Prometheus
2020-01-03: How job control made the SIGCHLD signal useful for (BSD) Unix
2020-01-01: The good and bad of errno in a traditional Unix environment

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