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2020-04-30: The afterlife of Python 2
2020-04-29: The problem of Ubuntu 20.04, Snaps, and where your home directory is
Dealing with my worries about Django and HTTP Basic Authentication
2020-04-27: I think you should generally be using the latest version of Go
My views on SystemTap as compared to eBPF for Linux kernel instrumentation
2020-04-26: Looking back at DTrace from a Linux eBPF world (some thoughts)
2020-04-25: Some notes on Firefox's interstitial warning for old TLS versions
2020-04-24: Accepting TLS certificate hostnames based on IP address checks is not safe
2020-04-23: The Unix divide over who gets to chown things, and (disk space) quotas
2020-04-22: More on chown in combination with symlinks
2020-04-20: An important safety note about chown and symlinks (also chmod and chgrp)
2020-04-19: Verifying the server hostname for a TLS certificate has two purposes
GMail, POP, and TLS server certificate verification
2020-04-17: We've disabled eBPF for normal users on our Linux machines
Some bits of grep usage are where I disagree with Shellcheck
2020-04-15: Some ways that servers make their disks not hot-swappable
We're (temporarily) moving to three way mirrored disks on our servers
2020-04-13: If you use GNU Grep on text files, use the -a (--text) option
2020-04-12: The appeal of doing exact string comparisons with Apache's RewriteCond
ZFS on Linux has now become the OpenZFS ZFS implementation
2020-04-10: 'Deduplicated' ZFS send streams are now deprecated and on the way out
Why my commit messages for configuration files describe my changes
2020-04-08: Why you want a Linux bootloader even on UEFI systems
There can be differences in what malware variants anti-spam systems distinguish
2020-04-06: Fedora 31 fumbles DNF modules, package updates edition
2020-04-05: My normal process for upgrading from one Fedora version to another
Why it's very bad for applications to start themselves automatically
2020-04-03: Microsoft Teams' bad arrogance on (Fedora) Linux
2020-04-02: We may face some issues with the timing of Ubuntu 20.04 and its effects
2020-04-01: Why Linux bootloaders wind up being complicated

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