Wandering Thoughts archives

2020-06-30: The unfortunate limitation in ZFS filesystem quotas and refquota
2020-06-29: How Prometheus Blackbox's TLS certificate metrics would have reacted to AddTrust's root expiry
Adapting our Django web app to changing requirements by not doing much
2020-06-28: Understanding why Django's goals are not our goals for our web application
2020-06-26: NetworkManager and (not) dealing with conflicting network connections
2020-06-25: What Prometheus Blackbox's TLS certificate expiry metrics are checking
2020-06-24: Unix's design issue of device numbers being in stat() results for files
2020-06-23: Sometimes it takes other people to show you some of your site's design flaws
2020-06-22: Today I learned that HTML <abbr> may not do much on mobile browsers
2020-06-21: In Go, the compiler needs to know the types of things when copying values
2020-06-20: The additional complications in DNS updates that secondary DNS servers add
2020-06-19: Removing unmaintained packages from your Fedora machine should require explicitly opting in
People's efficiency expectations for generics in 'Go 2' and patterns of use
2020-06-17: How applications autostart on modern Linux desktops
A scrolling puzzle involving GTK+, XInput, and alternate desktops (on Fedora)
2020-06-15: Input events on X have an old world and a new world
2020-06-14: Product code and utility code
2020-06-13: An interesting combination of flaws in some /etc/mailcap handling
2020-06-12: The safety of GMail's POP server TLS certificate verification (or lack of it)
Dual displays contrasting with virtual screens (aka multiple desktops)
2020-06-10: A dual display setup creates a natural split between things
2020-06-09: The practical people problem with instance diversity in the Fediverse
My mixed feelings about 'swap on zram' for Linux
2020-06-07: A Go time package gotcha with parsing time strings that use named time zones
2020-06-06: Why sysadmins don't like changing things, illustrated
2020-06-05: Why we put alert start and end times in our Prometheus alert messages
2020-06-04: Formatting alert start and end times in Prometheus Alertmanager messages
2020-06-03: In theory you (we) should have SPF records for HELO hostnames too
2020-06-02: A subtle trap when formatting Go time.Time values
2020-06-01: Watching the recent AddTrust root CA certificate expiry has been humbling

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