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2020-07-31: Putting some extra 'obvious' information into our temperature alerts
2020-07-30: Putting IPMIs on a port isolated network to deal with shared network interfaces
2020-07-29: The problem of 'shared' IPMI network interfaces
2020-07-28: Our ZFS spares handling system for ZFS on Linux
Digital microwaves show an example of good UI doing what you wanted
2020-07-26: Linux PAM leads to terrible error messages from things like passwd
Keeping backup ZFS on Linux kernel modules around
2020-07-24: My varied types of Firefox windows
Some thoughts on us overlooking Illumos's syseventadm
2020-07-23: C's main() is one of the places where Unix's user and kernel APIs differ
2020-07-21: Contrasting the two common approaches to where programs start running
2020-07-20: An exploration of why Python doesn't require a 'main' function
2020-07-19: In praise of ZFS On Linux's ZED 'ZFS Event Daemon'
2020-07-18: Using Go build directives to optionally use new APIs in the standard library
2020-07-17: Not all sysadmin tools should be silent by default
2020-07-16: Malware spammers put .exe Windows executables in everything
2020-07-15: A piece of phish spam with some clever URL obfuscation
2020-07-14: Today I learned that Python's argparse module allows you to abbreviate long command line options
Link: The Anatomy of a PromQL Query
2020-07-13: How major and minor device numbers worked in V7 Unix
2020-07-12: Running servers and Fred Brooks on transforming programs to products
Linux desktop application autostarting is different from systemd user units
2020-07-10: The impact on middleware of expanding APIs with Go's interface smuggling
Ubuntu, building current versions of Firefox, and snaps
2020-07-09: Link: Mime type associations (on Linux)
2020-07-08: "Interface smuggling", a Go design pattern for expanding APIs
2020-07-07: Some thoughts on Fedora moving to btrfs as the default desktop file system
I now think that blog 'per day' pages with articles are a mistake
2020-07-05: A Go lesson learned: sometimes I don't want to use goroutines if possible
2020-07-04: How you get multiple TLS certificate chains from a server certificate
What a TLS self signed certificate is at a mechanical level
2020-07-02: The work that's not being done from home is slowly accumulating for us
Link: Code Only Says What it Does
2020-07-01: In ZFS, your filesystem layout needs to reflect some of your administrative structure

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