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2020-08-31: Why we won't like it if signing email is the solution to various email problems
2020-08-30: All forms of signing email are generally solving the wrong problem (a thesis)
2020-08-29: An interesting mistake with Go's context package that I (sort of) made
2020-08-28: My divergence from 'proper' Vim by not using and exploring features
Firefox 80 and my confusion over its hardware accelerated video on Linux
2020-08-26: Even on SSDs, ongoing activity can slow down ZFS scrubs drastically
2020-08-25: My home desktop is still locking up when it gets too cold (and what next)
2020-08-24: I want a type of desktop PC (and motherboard) that's generally skipped
2020-08-23: The Linux kernel bugzilla (and others) get spammed (of course)
2020-08-22: Some bits on making Python's argparse module work like Unix usually does
2020-08-21: Link: Why Did Mozilla Remove XUL Add-ons?
When I stopped believing in Google's fundamental good nature
2020-08-20: What you're looking for with a Grafana dashboard affects its settings
2020-08-19: Potential problem points for Chrome (or any browser) to support Linux
2020-08-18: The Prometheus host agent can disturb Linux CPU frequency measurements
2020-08-17: Firefox and web browsers for Linux
Important parts of Unix's history happened before readline support was common
2020-08-16: "It works on my laptop" is a blame game
2020-08-15: Go will inline functions across packages (under the right circumstances)
2020-08-14: Go 1.15's interface optimization for small integers is invisible to Go programs
2020-08-12: People often have multiple social identities even in the physical realm
How Go 1.15 improved converting small integer values to interfaces
2020-08-10: Disabling DNF modules on Fedora 31 so they don't mess up package updates
2020-08-09: Unix options conventions are just that, which makes them products of culture
2020-08-08: More problems with Fedora 31 DNF modules and package updates
2020-08-07: How we choose our time intervals in our Grafana dashboards
Our problem installing an old Ubuntu kernel set of packages
2020-08-05: My views on some conventions for Unix command line options
We may wind up significantly delaying or mostly skipping Ubuntu 20.04
2020-08-03: Exim's change to 'taint' some Exim variables is going to cause us pain
The issue of how to propagate some errors in our Django web app
2020-08-01: Getting my head around the choice between sleeping and 'tickers'

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