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2020-09-30: People still use newgrp (to my surprise)
Using DMARC information is complicated in practice in the real world
How the Unix newgrp command behaved back in V7 Unix
2020-09-29: Implementing 'and' conditions in Exim SMTP ACLs the easy way (and in Exim routers too)
Why the Unix newgrp command exists (sort of)
Where (and how) you limit your concurrency in Go can matter
2020-09-28: My likely path away from spinning hard drives on my home desktop
Making product names of what you use visible to people is generally a mistake
Looking at DKIM information for our 'good' email (September 2020 edition)
2020-09-27: Remote power control for your machines comes in two flavours
2020-09-26: We rebooted all of our servers remotely (more or less) and it all worked
Using SPF on HELO/EHLO hostnames is repurposing SPF to validate a different thing
2020-09-19: Python virtual environments transparently add themselves to sys.path
2020-09-17: Python 3 venvs don't normally really embed their own copy of Python (on Unix)
2020-09-16: How I think I want to drop modern Python packages into a single program
Why I write recursive descent parsers (despite their issues)
2020-09-15: When the Go garbage collector will panic over bad pointer values
2020-09-13: I'm now a user of Vim, not classical Vi (partly because of windows)
Rolling distribution releases versus periodic releases are a tradeoff
2020-09-12: Some notes on what Fedora's DNF logs and where
2020-09-10: My take on permanent versus temporary HTTP redirects in general
Permanent versus temporary redirects when handling extra query parameters on your URLs
2020-09-08: What you should do about extra query parameters on your URLs
2020-09-07: Why Fedora version upgrades are complicated and painful for me
URL query parameters and how laxness creates de facto requirements on the web
2020-09-06: Daniel J. Bernstein's IM2000 email proposal is not a good idea
2020-09-05: Some notes on what the CyberPower UPS 'Powerpanel' software reports to you
2020-09-04: In practice, cool URLs change (eventually)
2020-09-02: Why I want something like Procmail with a dedicated mail filtering language
2020-09-01: Even in Go, concurrency is still not easy (with an example)

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