Wandering Thoughts archives

2020-10-31: A gotcha with combining single-label and multi-label Prometheus metrics
Some settings you want to make to CyberPower's UPS Powerpanel daemon
2020-10-30: A sysadmin learning experience courtesy of some UPS issues
2020-10-29: An illustration of why running code during import is a bad idea (and how it happens anyway)
2020-10-28: An issue with Pip installed packages and Python versions (on Unix)
2020-10-26: Sometimes alerts have inobvious reasons for existing
Link: [Firefox] Navigational Instruments
Fifteen years of DWiki, the Python engine of Wandering Thoughts
2020-10-25: Remotely upgrading my office workstation to Fedora 32 worked fine
2020-10-24: Why configuration file snippets in a directory should have some extension
2020-10-23: An inconvenience of physical hardware is that it has to be delivered
2020-10-21: Keeping VMware Workstation VMs running when I quit from VMware
A mystery uncovered by Fedora 32 changing my default font
2020-10-19: Firefox has a little handy font-related thing on Unix (or at least Linux)
What versions of PyPy I can use (October 2020 edition)
2020-10-18: We need to start getting some experience with using Ubuntu 20.04
2020-10-17: A potential Prometheus issue for labeled metrics for infrequent events
2020-10-16: Go is gaining the ability to trace init calls on program startup
2020-10-15: Go packages can have more than one init() function
2020-10-13: As an outsider, I prefer issue tracking to be in its own application
2020-10-12: If you send automated email, you should scan it with anti-spam software
2020-10-11: Microsoft SharePoint is being used to send spam
Our current usage and views of UPSes (late 2020 edition)
2020-10-10: Wanting to be able to monitor for electrical power quality issues
2020-10-09: Whether extra disks should be live or spare now depends on HDs versus SSDs
2020-10-08: Sorting out what the Single Unix Specification is and covers
2020-10-07: A handy diff argument handling feature that's actually very old
2020-10-06: Linux distributions have sensible reasons to prefer periodic releases
2020-10-04: Web page generation systems should support remapping external URLs
Link: Old-School Disk Partitions
Solid state disks in mirrors and other RAID setups, and wear lifetimes
2020-10-03: A thought about the lifetimes of hard disks and solid state disks
2020-10-02: Firefox is improving its handling of HTTP Basic Authentication (on Unix)

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