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2020-11-30: Our monitoring of our OpenBSD machines, such as it is (as of November 2020)
Link: wtfpython
2020-11-29: Some thoughts on how I still miss DTrace (and also mdb)
The death and life of postmaster@anywhere
2020-11-27: Setting up self-contained Go program source that uses packages
2020-11-26: The better way to make an Ubuntu 20.04 ISO that will boot on UEFI systems
Making an Ubuntu 20.04 ISO that will boot on UEFI systems
2020-11-25: Firefox's WebRender has mixed results for me on Linux
2020-11-23: What containers do and don't help you with
My views on when you should use the official upstream versions of software
2020-11-22: Sometimes it's best to use the official upstream versions of software
2020-11-21: Github based projects have RSS syndication feeds for their releases
2020-11-19: Firefox on Linux has not worked well with WebRender for me so far
Apple Silicon Macs versus ARM PCs
2020-11-17: Grafana and the case of the infinite serial number
2020-11-16: POSIX write() is not atomic in the way that you might like
Unix doesn't normally do short write()s to files and no one expects it to
2020-11-15: I don't expect to have an ARM-based PC any time soon
2020-11-14: Linux servers can still wind up using SATA in legacy PATA mode
2020-11-13: If you use Exim on Ubuntu, you probably want to skip Ubuntu 20.04
2020-11-11: The problems inherent in building your own copies of software packages
Logging fatal exceptions in my Python programs is not enough
2020-11-09: Seriously using virtualization clashes with our funding model
Getting the git tags that are before and after a commit (in simple cases)
2020-11-08: Thinking about two different models of virtualization hosts
2020-11-07: Turning on console blanking on a Linux machine when logged in remotely
2020-11-06: Console blanking now defaults to off on Linux (and has for a while)
It's possible that the real size of different SSDs is now consistent
2020-11-04: In Python, using the logging package is part of your API, or should be
You shouldn't use the Linux dump program any more (on extN filesystems)
2020-11-03: Fixing blank Cinnamon sessions in VMWare virtual machines (on Fedora)
2020-11-01: Python's global statement and imports in functions

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