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2020-12-31: GNU Date and several versions of RFC 3339 dates
2020-12-30: Some ways to do a Prometheus query as of a given time
A Prometheus wish: easy ways to evaluate a PromQL query at a given time
2020-12-28: It feels like the broad Unix API is being used less these days
A little puzzle with printf() and C argument passing
2020-12-27: Our alerts are quiet most of the time (as they should be)
2020-12-25: The expiry time of Certificate Authority root certificates can be nominal (or not)
In Python 3, types are classes (as far as repr() is concerned)
2020-12-24: In CPython, types implemented in C actually are part of the type tree
2020-12-23: Using constant Python hash functions for fun and no real profit
2020-12-21: The legibility of different versions of ZFS
2020-12-20: Who I think CentOS Stream is and isn't for
Go modules are soon going to be the only future
2020-12-18: On Go, release timing, and new machines
2020-12-17: Limiting the Nouveau kernel driver's messages via removal
2020-12-16: Mailing lists and bounce handling (or not handling bounces) today
2020-12-15: How to make Grafana properly display a Unix timestamp
In Prometheus, it's hard to work with when metric points happened
2020-12-14: Chrome is getting its own set of Certificate Authority roots
2020-12-12: My views on the suitability of CentOS Stream
Sometimes a problem really is just a coincidence
2020-12-11: CentOS's switch to CentOS Stream has created a lot of confusion
2020-12-09: A probable benefit to enabling screen blanking on LCD displays
2020-12-08: CentOS's switch to Stream is a major change in what CentOS is
2020-12-07: Exploring when the network is up on a machine
2020-12-06: The deprecation of FTP in browsers and its likely effects on search engines
Linux's hostname -s switch is now safe for many people, but the situation is messy
2020-12-04: How to get generic interface names and IPs in OpenBSD PF
Some thoughts about low power loads and power supply efficiency
2020-12-02: Prometheus 2.23.0 now lets you display graphs in local time
2020-12-01: A new appreciation for Firefox's 'Performance' web developer tool

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