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2021-03-31: Understanding Prometheus' changes() function and what it can do for me
Systemd's NSS myhostname module surprised me recently
2021-03-29: Nil in Go is typed in theory and sort of untyped in practice
2021-03-28: What tool you use to read IPMI sensor information can matter
2021-03-27: Internet routing can now vary based on things you wouldn't expect
The attractions of reading sensor information from IPMIs
2021-03-26: Linux's hardware monitoring can lie to you
2021-03-24: HTTPS is really multiple protocols these days
2021-03-23: Discovering Vim's Visual (selection) mode
2021-03-22: Portability has ongoing costs for code that's changing
2021-03-21: My uncertainty about swapping and swap sizing for SSDs and NVMe drives
My experience with x2go is that it's okay but not compelling
2021-03-20: Paging out memory can be 'global' or 'local' these days
2021-03-19: Remote X versus 'seamless windows' in remote desktop software
2021-03-18: Safari is now probably the influential wild card browser for user privacy
2021-03-17: Remote X has been a life saver over this past year
2021-03-16: The fading HTTP Referer header and (Google) Search paywall bypasses
2021-03-15: Different views of what are basic and advanced Vim features
2021-03-14: I wish Prometheus had some features to deal with 'missing' metrics
2021-03-13: Prometheus and the case of the stuck metrics
2021-03-11: Wrangling HTTP and HTTPS versions of the same Apache virtual host
What OpenSSH sshd logs when a session disconnects (on Linux)
2021-03-10: The tradeoffs of Go version behavior in go.mod module files
2021-03-09: Go version directives in go.mod files: some notes and crude usage numbers
2021-03-08: Packaging Python 2 doesn't mean that Linux distributions support it
2021-03-06: Some views and notes on ZFS deduplication today
2021-03-05: How not to use Apache's RewriteRule directive in a reverse proxy
2021-03-04: Systemd needs (or could use) a linter for unit files
2021-03-03: What signal a RJ-45 serial connection is (probably) missing
2021-03-02: The Python ctypes security issue and Python 2
2021-03-01: Link: Taking This Serially
The balance of power between distributions and software authors

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