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2021-04-30: Discovering outside people attempting to do dynamic DNS updates to us
There's plenty of our work that's not being done from home
2021-04-29: The shift from "two factor" to "multi-factor" authentication
2021-04-28: Firefox's slow takeover of the address bar's space
2021-04-26: The question of how to do non-annoying multi-factor authentication for SSH
Maybe a local, on-machine caching DNS resolver should be standard (for us)
2021-04-25: The question of having SATA drives behind modern SAS expanders
2021-04-24: Why people care about SAS despite not being 'enterprise'
2021-04-23: How I want to use pip with PyPy to install third party programs
2021-04-21: Go 1.17 will allow converting a slice to an array pointer (some of the time)
2021-04-20: PyPy starts fast enough for our Python 2 commands
2021-04-19: Trying out learning more Vim on demand
2021-04-18: Using NVMe SSDs over SATA SSDs in basic servers is an awkward sales pitch
My view of Wayland here in 2021
2021-04-16: A Firefox surprise from disabling dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled
2021-04-15: Learning about the idea of the HTTP self-post
Link: "a2d<C-V>3gE: Vim normal mode grammar
2021-04-14: Some things on ZFS (on Linux) per-dataset basic IO statistics
2021-04-13: Getting NVMe and related terminology straight (for once)
2021-04-12: SSD versus NVMe for basic servers today (in early 2021)
Counting how many times something started or stopped failing in Prometheus
2021-04-11: Vendors put varied and peculiar things in system DMI information
2021-04-09: Why NFS servers generally have a 'reply cache'
What NFSv3 operations can be in the Linux nfsd reply cache
2021-04-07: Rust's rustup tool is surprisingly nice and well behaved
2021-04-06: Modern Linux can require a link signal before it configures IP addresses
2021-04-05: A stable Unix updating its version of Go isn't straightforward
2021-04-04: Some uses for Prometheus's resets() function
You need a version of Go with module support (ideally good support)
2021-04-02: ZFS on Linux is improving the handling of disk names on import
Programs that read IPMI sensors tell you subtly different things

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