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2021-05-31: It'd be useful if TLS libraries had better and more detailed error messages
I've come to like date-based names for log rotation
2021-05-30: Go 1.17 will still support the old GOPATH mode (as well as modules)
2021-05-28: Less can filter what it shows to you (a thing I recently learned)
2021-05-27: Some thoughts on having set up a personal Alertmanager instance
Being able to see links I've visited in Firefox is startlingly better
2021-05-26: Working around an AMDGPU automatic fan control problem on my Radeon RX 550
2021-05-24: Rust is a wave of the future
Why we don't have management connections to our switches (an old story)
2021-05-23: Our three generations of network implementations (over the time I've been here)
2021-05-22: I don't know how much memory our Prometheus setup needs
2021-05-20: The temptation to start using some Python type hints
2021-05-19: Fedora has significantly fumbled DKMS handling for Linux kernel modules
Speculating on why DKMS and other Linux things are large shell scripts
2021-05-17: Unix job control has some dark corners and challenging cases, illustrated
2021-05-16: Unix job control and its interactions with TTYs (and shells)
2021-05-15: Downsampling your metrics data is a compromise (what we could call a 'hack')
The size of our Prometheus setup as of May 2021
2021-05-14: The Bourne shell and Bash aren't the right languages for larger programs
2021-05-12: The Bourne shell lets you set variables in if expressions
Firefox and the challenge of trying to make visited links clearly visible
2021-05-10: Errors during SMTP conversations aren't trustworthy, illustrated
2021-05-09: DKMS built one of my kernel modules for the wrong kernel
Storing ZFS send streams is not a good backup method
2021-05-08: It's pleasantly easy to install PyPy yourself (from their binaries)
2021-05-07: Understanding OpenSSH's various options around keys and key algorithms
2021-05-06: The different types of modern (2021) SSH keys (and some opinions)
2021-05-05: It's possible for Firefox to forget about:config preferences you've set
2021-05-03: Our future upgrade wave of Ubuntu 18.04 machines
Understanding OpenSSH's future deprecation of the 'ssh-rsa' signature scheme
2021-05-02: Realizing one general way to construct symmetric ciphers

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