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2021-06-30: Giving your Linux network interfaces fixed names (under udevd and networkd)
2021-06-29: Monitoring the status of Linux network interfaces with Prometheus
2021-06-28: Be careful when matching on Ethernet addresses in systemd-networkd
I should keep track of what Python packages I install through pip
2021-06-27: Some notes on what's in Linux's /sys/class/net for network interface status
2021-06-26: Ethernet network cables can go bad over time, with odd symptoms
2021-06-25: A couple of Linux top-like programs for network traffic
2021-06-24: Go 1.17 is deprecating the traditional use of 'go get'
2021-06-22: I like WireGuard partly because it doesn't have 'sessions'
2021-06-21: A realization about our VPN and IPv6 traffic
Some notes on building Firefox from source on Ubuntu
2021-06-20: A bit on ZFS's coming raidz expansion and ZFS DVAs
2021-06-19: The Unix background of Linux's 'file-max' and nr_open kernel limits on file descriptors
2021-06-17: Apache directory indexes will notice and exclude blocked URLs in them
In Prometheus queries, on and ignoring don't drop labels from the result
2021-06-16: The challenge of what to set server BIOSes to do on power loss
2021-06-14: Some notes on Firefox's media autoplay settings as of Firefox 89
2021-06-13: A strong commitment to backwards compatibility means keeping your mistakes
Rust 1.x seems to not always be backward compatible in practice
2021-06-11: How we're dealing with our expiring OpenVPN TLS root certificate
TLS certificate durations turn out to be complicated and subtle
2021-06-10: Early notes on using the new python-lsp-server (pylsp) in GNU Emacs
2021-06-09: The modern web design aesthetic of hiding visited links
2021-06-07: My failure to arrange a graceful TLS root certificate rollover with OpenVPN
2021-06-06: TLS certificates have at least two internal representations of time
The case of the very old If-Modified-Since HTTP header
2021-06-04: HTTP/3 needs us (and other people) to make firewall changes
New versions of Bash (and readline) default to special handling of pasting into the shell (or other programs)
2021-06-02: Fedora co-mingles its source packages with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Simple use of Let's Encrypt on OpenBSD is pleasantly straightforward (as of 6.8)

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