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2021-07-31: Learning that you can use unions in C for grouping things into namespaces
2021-07-30: Hardware and (Linux) driver quality can be invisible to non-specialists
XHTML pages cause problems for some Firefox addons
2021-07-29: How Go maps store their values (and keys)
2021-07-28: Modern email is hard to search, which encourages locked up silos
2021-07-26: Understanding plain Linux NVMe device names (in /dev and kernel messages)
2021-07-25: I should probably learn command-line NetworkManager usage
The tiny irritation of ZFS's 'zpool status' nagging you about upgrades
2021-07-23: Why it matters that map values are unaddressable in Go
2021-07-22: Apache's mod_wsgi and the Python 2 issue it creates
Improving my web reading with Martin Tournoij's "readable" Firefox bookmarklet
2021-07-21: It's nice when programs switch to being launched from systemd user units
2021-07-19: Making a Go program build with Go modules can be not a small change
2021-07-18: On sending all syslog messages to one file
2021-07-17: The minimum for syslog configurations should be to log (nearly) everything
2021-07-16: The WireGuard VPN challenge of provisioning clients
Setting up a WireGuard client with NetworkManager (using nmcli)
2021-07-14: Making two Unix permissions mistakes in one
Some ways to get (or not get) information about system memory ranges on Linux
2021-07-12: Problems in the way of straightforward device naming in operating systems
Understanding something about udev's normal network device names on Linux
2021-07-10: Why Bash and GNU Readline's "bracketed paste" mode is not for us
University computer accounts are often surprisingly complicated
2021-07-08: Redirecting paths that start with two slashes in Apache
A semi-surprise with Python's urllib.parse and partial URLs
2021-07-07: The initramfs for old kernels can hide old versions of things
2021-07-06: Unused hardware in computers can now be distinctly inactive
2021-07-05: Losing track of part of our Amanda configuration and then recovering it
2021-07-04: Two ways to have Amanda always make full backups of a filesystem
2021-07-03: Some brief notes on turning Firefox bookmarklets into convenient buttons
2021-07-02: Dealing with CSS fixed position headers and footers in Firefox

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