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2021-08-31: Go doesn't have a stack the way that some other languages do
2021-08-30: How ZFS stores symbolic links on disk
2021-08-29: Some notes on OpenZFS's new 'draid' vdev redundancy type
In Go, pointers (mostly) don't go with slices in practice
2021-08-27: What my first Linux was, and its context
Using our metrics system when I test systems before deployment
2021-08-25: I'm turning off dnf-makecache on my Fedora machines
My interest in Intel's future discrete GPUs (and my likely disappointment)
2021-08-23: Notes on deliberately invoking actions controlled by systemd timers
2021-08-22: What we'll likely do when Linux distributions drop Python 2 entirely
Setting up Python LSP support in GNU Emacs is reasonably worth it
2021-08-20: A home UPS has been more handy and useful than I expected
Seeing what all Cinnamon keyboard shortcuts are
2021-08-19: Configuration (and configuration files) is not and cannot be generic
2021-08-17: It's surprising how many things assume you have available bandwidth
2021-08-16: Browsers listening to developers or users requires them to be humble
2021-08-15: Chrome's automatic updates and the power it holds on the web
2021-08-14: Our experience with IPP-based, PPD-less CUPS printing
2021-08-13: Some of my views on using YAML for human-written configuration files
Prometheus alerts and the idea of "deadbands" (or maybe hysteresis) (with an implementation)
Learning that Vim has insert mode keystrokes that do special things
Go keeps surprising me with its careful design and specification
2021-08-12: Prometheus, Alertmanager, and maybe avoiding flapping alerts
2021-08-11: The meaning of "hysteresis" and how it relates to alerts
2021-08-09: The Firefox uMatrix addon is not quite dead (so far)
2021-08-08: The xterm terminal emulator can do a lot more than just display text
2021-08-07: Some thoughts on new top-level domains being used for spam
2021-08-06: Some bits of how Bash and GNU Readline's "bracketed paste" mode behaves
2021-08-05: Using journalctl's ability to show only one service
2021-08-04: I have mixed views on new DNS top level domains (TLDs)
When you do and don't get stuck query results from a down Prometheus
2021-08-02: Anonymous ("transparent") structures are a good thing in programming languages
2021-08-01: Unix APIs are where I first saw C #define used to rename struct fields

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