Wandering Thoughts archives

2021-09-30: Moving averages (and rates) for metrics in Prometheus (and Grafana)
2021-09-29: My changing (citation) style of external links here on Wandering Thoughts
2021-09-28: Avoiding flawed server ACPI information for power monitoring
2021-09-27: Stack size is invisible in C and the effects on "portability"
2021-09-26: The shifting view of two factor authentication at the university
2021-09-25: Notes on updating OpenBSD machines to current, supported versions
2021-09-24: Understanding EGL, GLX and friends in the Linux and X graphics stack
Link: Examining btrfs, Linux’s perpetually half-finished filesystem
Go generics have a new "type sets" way of doing type constraints
2021-09-22: It's probably not the hardware, a sysadmin lesson
2021-09-21: Why we care about being able to (efficiently) reproduce machines
2021-09-20: What the 'proto' field is about in Linux 'ip route' output (and input)
2021-09-19: Microsoft's Bingbot crawler is relentless for changing pages (it seems)
2021-09-18: One major obstacle to unifying the two types of package managers
2021-09-17: At least from an outside perspective, Ubuntu is Canonical's thing
2021-09-16: Use virtual environments to install third-party Python programs from PyPI
2021-09-15: Some notes on upgrading programs with Python's pip
2021-09-14: There are (at least) two types of package managers
2021-09-13: The rc shell's nice feature for subdirectory searching of $PATH
Why I'm mostly not a fan of coloured text (in terminals or elsewhere)
2021-09-11: How many Prometheus metrics a typical host here generates
Some things to reduce background bandwidth usage on a Fedora machine
2021-09-09: TLS Certificate Transparency logs come and go over time
2021-09-08: The "web" TLS world is different from the non-public one in practice
2021-09-07: My long-lived personal Linux installs
2021-09-06: Why Nutch-based web spiders are now blocked here
2021-09-05: Firefox on Linux is still not working well with WebRender for me (again)
2021-09-04: Adding a "host" label to all of your per-host Prometheus metrics
2021-09-03: How I try out and test new versions of Grafana
2021-09-02: Go multi-module workspace mode, a forthcoming feature in Go 1.18
2021-09-01: Large Unix programs were historically not all that portable between Unixes

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