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2021-10-31: Linux puts a bunch of DMI information into sysfs for you
Python 3 forced its own hand so that standard input had to be Unicode
2021-10-29: Why browsers are driven to offer some degree of remote control
Things to do in Python 3 when your Unix standard input is badly encoded
2021-10-27: We're seeing increasingly targeted and dangerous phish spam attempts
2021-10-26: Vim visual mode and an unfortunate restriction on the filter operation
Go 1.18 will embed source version information into binaries
2021-10-24: Companies and their stewardship of open source projects
Your SMART drive database of attribute meanings needs regular updates
2021-10-22: Python 2's status in various Linux distributions (October 2021 edition)
2021-10-21: The easy way to see underneath NFS mount points on Linux
2021-10-20: In the beginning, there was no way to expand C's stack size
2021-10-19: VCS history versus large open source development
2021-10-18: The cut and paste irritation in "smart" in-browser text editing
Getting some hardware acceleration for video in Firefox 93 on my Linux home desktop
2021-10-16: My wish for a way to activate one systemd unit when another one started
2021-10-15: You may not want to require all of your bind mounts (in systemd)
2021-10-14: Systemd (v237) can do quite odd things with /etc/fstab bind mounts
2021-10-13: Web browsers drive what Certificate Authority root certificates are accepted
2021-10-12: Reasons to limit your stack size even in non-threaded environments
2021-10-11: Unknown NMIs and counting hardware CPU events in eBPF programs
2021-10-10: TLS Certificate Transparency logs let us assess Certificate Authorities
V7 Unix had no stack size limit, and when Unix acquired one
2021-10-08: We've migrated from Yubikey 2FA to the university's MFA
What Linux kernel "unknown reason" NMI messages mean
2021-10-06: The OpenSSH server has limits on what user authentication you can use
2021-10-05: Some early notes on using pipx for managing third-party Python programs
2021-10-04: The "why" problem with on-host (host-based) firewalls on your machines
2021-10-03: Modern TLS has no place left for old things, especially clients
Desktops don't always use NetworkManager's programs
2021-10-01: Firefox on Unix is moving away from X11-based remote control

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