Wandering Thoughts archives

2021-11-30: Prometheus will make persistent connections to agents (scrape targets)
2021-11-29: The long term relative prices of M.2 NVMe drives and 2.5" SSDs
2021-11-28: The problem I have with Pip's dependency version handling
2021-11-27: Two stories of how and why simultaneous multithreading works
2021-11-26: How we use the SLURM job scheduler system on our compute servers
Why region based memory allocation help with fragmentation
2021-11-25: Computation that needs to be "secure" is everywhere in practice
2021-11-23: I wish systemd logged information about the source of "transactions"
2021-11-22: Why it matters to us if exploits are available for security issues
2021-11-21: Why V7 Unix matters so much
2021-11-20: Linux has no fair-share scheduling that really works for compute servers
Why your Go programs can surprisingly be dynamically linked
2021-11-18: What data about your NVMe drives Linux puts in sysfs
2021-11-17: Why we have a split-horizon DNS setup
2021-11-16: Why we have public websites on private IPs (internally)
2021-11-15: Chrome may start restricting requests to private networks
2021-11-14: Go 1.18 will let you set the version of the "AMD64" architecture to target
2021-11-13: Considering "iowait" CPU time and CPU utilization
2021-11-12: A linear, sequential boot and startup order is easier to deal with
2021-11-11: I'm unsure of the security of simultaneous multithreading on modern x86 CPUs
2021-11-10: People will always exploit presentation, because presentation matters
2021-11-09: Our new way of waiting for the network to be "up" in systemd's world
2021-11-08: Soon to expire TLS certificates aren't necessarily a problem
2021-11-07: Systemd timer units don't have much appeal for us (over crontab entries)
2021-11-06: Thinking about when our crontab entries run
2021-11-05: If we use PyPy, we'll likely use our own install of it
2021-11-04: Two different worldviews of version control systems
2021-11-03: Thinking through the threat models when encrypting your backups
2021-11-02: Why I maintain my private changes to upstream projects via rebasing
2021-11-01: Rebasing changes can be common when working with version control systems

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