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2021-12-31: Why I (still) use ext4 for my Linux root filesystems
2021-12-30: Checking what features your ext4 filesystems have
2021-12-29: Pipx's 'reinstall' command works right by reinstalling injected packages too
2021-12-28: A realization of why email is critical infrastructure for the Internet
2021-12-27: Link: Eric Rescorla's "DNS Security, Part II: DNSSEC"
A thesis: large, significant open source projects must keep moving or die
Security systems and requiring attacks instead of accidents to evade them
2021-12-25: Our webmail is a surprisingly popular service
2021-12-24: Sadly, my experience is that big commercial anti-malware detection is better
2021-12-23: Running your own email is increasingly an artisanal choice, not a practical one
2021-12-22: Using pipx in a PyPy installation more or less just works
2021-12-21: Our internal network access authentication needs
2021-12-20: Some usage notes for the Linux ss program
2021-12-19: My Firefox bookmarklet to see links I've visited more reliably
Some brief notes for myself on growing a LVM root filesystem
2021-12-17: Our never-used system for user-provided NFS accessible storage
In Go 1.18, generics are implemented through code specialization
2021-12-15: User runtime directories on modern Linux, aka /run/user/<uid>
2021-12-14: Finding Ubuntu (and Debian) packages that are in odd states
2021-12-13: A bit on compilation's changing number of stages (and assembly)
2021-12-12: How Vim's visual mode has wound up being useful for me
2021-12-11: Some numbers from ZRAM swap on my two Fedora machines
2021-12-10: The question (and some answers) of modern day partition sizes for Linux
2021-12-09: Why it's good to explicitly document the purposes of things, illustrated
Some NVMe drive temperature things from my drives
2021-12-08: NVMe drives and the case of opaque bandwidth limits
2021-12-06: Linux's vm.admin_reserve_kbytes sysctl is both not big enough and not sufficient
2021-12-05: A bit on what Unix system pre-boot environments used to look like
2021-12-04: Most computer standards broadly require good faith implementations
2021-12-03: My views so far on bookmarklets versus addons in Firefox
2021-12-02: On servers maybe moving to M.2 NVMe drives for their system drives
2021-12-01: Unfortunately, damaged ZFS filesystems can be more or less unrepairable

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