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2022-01-31: Git 2.34 has changed how you configure fast-forward only pulls and rebasing
2022-01-30: A thesis: most websites are implicitly designed with a short lifetime
2022-01-29: The reason Unix has the argv[0] issue (and API)
2022-01-28: Some things on Django's CSRF protection, sessions, and REMOTE_USER
2022-01-27: The Linux kernel, simultaneous multithreading, and process scheduling
Django and Apache HTTP Basic Authentication (and REMOTE_USER)
2022-01-25: Giving things an IP address is dangerous (to them)
Go generics are going to be both simple and complex (as of Go 1.18)
2022-01-23: DNS queries to external sources do fail every so often out of the blue
2022-01-22: Modern public TLS is a quite different thing than it used to be
2022-01-21: Sorting out the situation with Intel desktop CPUs and hyper-threading
2022-01-20: I'm using journalctl's --since option now to speed up checking logs
2022-01-19: When I might expect simultaneous multithreading to help
2022-01-18: Logs are invisible (at least most of the time and by default)
2022-01-17: Pipx and a problem with changing the system Python version
2022-01-16: HTTPS is still optional, at least sort of
2022-01-15: You should do lint checks on your Prometheus alert (and recording) rules
2022-01-14: Link: Histograms in Grafana (a howto)
Understanding what a DKIM (spam) replay attack is
2022-01-13: In practice, there are two types of window managers in modern X
2022-01-12: My sunk cost fallacy relationship with my home desktop
2022-01-11: Some things about Prometheus Alertmanager's notification metrics
2022-01-10: The complexity of seeing if your Prometheus Alertmanager is truly healthy
2022-01-09: I have mixed feelings about the Go time package's time formatting strings
2022-01-08: Good web scraping is not just about avoiding load
2022-01-07: In practice, Debian (and Ubuntu) have fixed minimum system UIDs and GIDs
2022-01-06: An annoyance with Debian postinstall scripts during package upgrades
2022-01-05: Some things about Dovecot, its index files, and the IMAP SELECT command
2022-01-04: Some ways to implement /dev/fd in Unix kernels
2022-01-03: The important Unix idea of the "virtual filesystem switch"
2022-01-02: Why "process substitution" is a late feature in Unix shells
Why I'm not interested in rolling back to snapshots of Linux root filesystems

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