Wandering Thoughts archives

2022-02-28: Firefox (Nightly) and the case of the fading scrollbars on Unix
2022-02-27: Python's os.environ is surprisingly liberal in some ways
2022-02-26: Unix environment variables (and the environment) are a fuzzy thing
2022-02-25: The varying sizes of images on the web today, and remembering that
2022-02-24: I've come to think that the Git index is a good thing
2022-02-23: Some early notes on Dovecot namespaces (in Dovecot 2.2.33, currently)
2022-02-22: A realization about using DNS sub-names in modern protocols like DMARC
2022-02-21: Python's Global Interpreter Lock is not there for Python programmers
2022-02-20: The history (sort of) of service management in Unix
2022-02-19: The important things about Unix init systems aren't booting the system
2022-02-18: Ubuntu limits the console kernel log level even on servers
2022-02-17: The Linux kernel's message log levels are relatively meaningless
2022-02-16: Lurking complexities in a web server that just serves static files
2022-02-15: A major caution when using 'rsync -a' to copy or move directory trees
2022-02-14: Beware of trying to compare the size of subtrees with du
2022-02-13: Go generics: the question of types made from generic types and type sets
2022-02-12: The 'any' confusion in Go generics between type constraints and interfaces
2022-02-11: Some things on strict and relaxed DKIM alignment in DMARC
2022-02-10: Notes on using DKIM in a DMARC world
2022-02-09: ZFS performance and modern solid state disk systems
2022-02-08: Some SSD write volumes from my machines
2022-02-07: What does it mean for a filesystem to perform well on modern hardware?
2022-02-06: Checking out a Git branch further back than the head
2022-02-05: Go 1.18 won't have a 'constraints' package of generics helpers
2022-02-04: Some notes on Grafana relative time ranges
2022-02-03: The hassles today of having servers with disks that can't be hot-swapped
2022-02-02: Disk drives can have weird SMART values for their power on hours
2022-02-01: The likely long-term result of good on-host (host-based) firewalls

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