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2022-03-31: The awkward timing of Fedora and Go releases
2022-03-30: Why a (Linux) service delaying its shutdown is a bad thing
2022-03-29: Fixing Pipx when you upgrade your system Python version
2022-03-28: We need a way to scan Microsoft Office files for malware
2022-03-27: Some thoughts on Go's unusual approach to identifier visibility
2022-03-26: Unsurprisingly, the clock in your server's IPMI drifts over time
2022-03-25: Some notes on lslocks, the Linux command to list current file locks
2022-03-24: Some notes on Linux's /proc/locks listing of file locks
2022-03-23: Document your mistakes and then try to block them in the future
2022-03-22: Getting a fixed baud rate on your serial ports for logins under systemd
2022-03-21: The modern trend of variable DNS results and its effects on troubleshooting
2022-03-20: Prometheus: using gauge-like things as if they were counters
2022-03-19: Some problems that Python's cgi.FieldStorage has
2022-03-18: Our limited use of Python's cgi module
2022-03-17: I need to remember to check for ZFS filesystems being mounted
2022-03-16: People might want to think about saving a copy of Go 1.17
2022-03-15: How Linux dynamic loaders can be both shared objects and executables
2022-03-14: Where cut comes into Unix (and a bit on the history of awk)
2022-03-13: We do see ZFS checksum failures, but only infrequently
2022-03-12: I wish ZFS pools kept a persistent count of various errors
2022-03-11: Filesystems can experience at least three different sorts of errors
2022-03-10: It would be nice if Linux had a count of disk errors in sysfs
2022-03-09: Linux disk names you can encounter in your Prometheus host metrics
2022-03-08: Hardware can be weird, server and USB keyboard edition
2022-03-07: The convenience of multi-purpose monitoring (in Prometheus)
2022-03-06: What sort of server it takes to build Firefox in four and a bit minutes
2022-03-05: Dynamic web pages can be viewed as a form of compression (sometimes)
2022-03-04: A pragmatic driver of support for serving static files on the web is efficiency
2022-03-03: Understanding a thing with ZFS on Linux, kernel versions, RPMs, and DKMS
2022-03-02: A Python program can be outside of a virtual environment it uses
2022-03-01: The problem of keeping track of hardlinks as you traverse a directory tree

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