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2022-04-30: Some thoughts about your (our) site needing Javascript
2022-04-29: Our positive experience with having our support site be basic HTML
2022-04-28: The practical problem with /etc/pam.d on long-lived Linux systems
2022-04-27: The root cause of my xdg-desktop-portal problems on a Fedora machine
2022-04-26: Why your physical servers running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS can boot very slowly
2022-04-25: Sort of making snapshots of UEFI libvirt-based virtual machines
2022-04-24: Some things that make shell scripts have performance issues
2022-04-23: The temptation of writing shell scripts, illustrated
2022-04-22: The state of Python (both 2 and 3) in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
2022-04-21: 4K HiDPI monitors come in inconvenient sizes if you want two of them
2022-04-20: My virtualization setup so far with Linux's virt-manager and friends
2022-04-19: Some bits on keeping isolated network interfaces organized (on Linux)
2022-04-18: How to talk to a local IPMI under OpenBSD
Where Linux's load average comes from in the kernel
2022-04-16: "Long term support" Unixes and versions of software in them
2022-04-15: I need (or at least want) a new virtual machine (GUI) environment
2022-04-14: Building Firefox from source and Rust versions
2022-04-13: A reason why Unix programs sometimes support '-?' for help
2022-04-12: Mangling your distribution version in your Apt sources for fun and profit
2022-04-11: How Debian's procps package is surprisingly opinionated
2022-04-10: A Linux PAM setup and the problem of stopping authentication
2022-04-09: Understanding the effects of PAM module results ('controls' in PAM jargon)
2022-04-08: On the ordering of password and MFA challenges during login
2022-04-07: What goes into an X resource and its name
2022-04-06: Fedora now has a sensible UEFI boot setup (and has for some time)
2022-04-05: The failure of the idea of X resources
2022-04-04: Things I needed to change for HiDPI on Linux that weren't in my X settings
2022-04-03: Some notes on using snmpwalk to poke at devices with SNMP
2022-04-02: Sorting out IPMI and BMC terminology and technology
2022-04-01: Some notes on finding and reading information over SNMP

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