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2022-05-31: The basics of Linux fair share CPU scheduling in cgroup v2 ('unified cgroups')
2022-05-30: Systemd memory limits and strict memory overcommit
2022-05-29: My wish for per-port IP access controls in systemd .service units
2022-05-28: It's a bit risky to give people access to your Prometheus Blackbox exporter
2022-05-27: Modal dialogs and other things that steal keyboard focus are dangerous
2022-05-26: Stopping an Ubuntu 22.04 desktop from suspending at the login screen
2022-05-25: Shell scripts should be written to be clear first
2022-05-24: Some notes on providing Python code as a command line argument
2022-05-23: Systems should expose a (simple) overall health metric as well as specifics
2022-05-22: Modern (public) TLS has only a limited number of intermediate certificates
2022-05-21: Some things that make languages easy (or not) to embed in Unix shell scripts
2022-05-20: Getting a Bourne shell "here document" into a shell variable
2022-05-19: Moving a libvirt-based virtualization setup from one machine to another
2022-05-18: Missing TLS intermediate certificates can create mysterious browser problems
2022-05-17: Why I'm not all that positive on working through serial consoles
2022-05-16: Python programs as wrappers versus filters of other Unix programs
2022-05-15: The idea of hierarchical filesystems doesn't feel like an API to me
2022-05-14: The web is, in a sense, designed for serving static files
2022-05-13: The cause of an odd DNF/RPM error about conflicting files
2022-05-12: Why I'm considering some use of NetworkManager (and I probably have to)
2022-05-11: Traditionally there are fewer steps in setting up a static website
2022-05-10: Seeing the speed of your USB devices under Linux the easy way
2022-05-09: Snaps don't seem compatible with NFS home directories in Ubuntu 22.04
2022-05-08: Checking if a machine is 'up' for scripts, well, for rsync
2022-05-07: Solving a problem I had with the Unix date command in the right way
2022-05-06: Filtering Prometheus metrics with deliberately repeated labels
2022-05-05: When you install systems semi-manually, when updates get done matters
2022-05-04: The temptation of smartctl's JSON output format given NVMe SSDs
2022-05-03: NVMe disk drives and SMART attributes (and data)
2022-05-02: Monitoring is too hard, as illustrated by TLS certificates expiring
Link: An opinionated list of best practices for textual websites
2022-05-01: Using Linux's libvirt for my virtualization needs has been okay

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