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2022-08-31: ZFS DVA offsets are in 512-byte blocks on disk but zdb misleads you about them
2022-08-30: ZFS DVA offsets are in bytes, not (512-byte) blocks
2022-08-29: A thought on presentational versus semantic HTML
2022-08-28: Getting USB TEMPer2 temperature sensor readings into Prometheus (on Linux)
2022-08-27: Large scale Internet SSH brute force attacks seem to have stopped here
2022-08-26: Using systemd timers to run things frequently (some early notes)
2022-08-25: U.2, U.3, and other server NVMe drive connector types (in mid 2022)
2022-08-24: We now have some 1U servers with U.2 NVMe SSDs and they're okay
2022-08-23: On Ubuntu, AppArmor is quite persistent and likes to reappear on you
2022-08-22: Some notes on Grafana annotations sourced from Prometheus metrics
2022-08-21: ZFS DVAs and what they cover on raidz vdevs
2022-08-20: The Ubuntu 22.04 server installer wants you to scrub reused disks first
2022-08-19: I wish Prometheus had a table-driven label remapping feature
2022-08-18: Rasdaemon is what you want on Linux if you're seeing kernel MCE messages
2022-08-17: Some resources for looking at the current development version of Go
2022-08-16: The names of disk drive SMART attributes are kind of made up (sadly)
2022-08-15: Disk drive SMART attributes can go backward and otherwise be volatile
2022-08-14: Our slow turnover of servers and server generations
2022-08-13: The C free() API means memory allocation must save some metadata
2022-08-12: My adventure with URLs in a Grafana that's behind a reverse proxy
2022-08-11: My uncertainty over whether an URL format is actually legal
2022-08-10: Some notes (to myself) about formatting text in jq
2022-08-09: Ubuntu 22.04 with multiple disks and (U)EFI booting
2022-08-08: Two example Grafana Loki log queries to get things from ntpdate logs
2022-08-07: Our BMCs are not great at keeping accurate time
2022-08-06: The pervasive effects of C's malloc() and free() on C APIs
2022-08-05: How old our servers are (as of 2022)
2022-08-04: The odd return value of the original 4.2 BSD gethostbyname()
Link: The MGR Window System
2022-08-03: Vim settings I'm using for editing YAML (with a sideline into Python)
2022-08-02: I wish that systemd (and everything) would rate-limit configuration warnings
2022-08-01: A brief history of looking up host addresses in Unix

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