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2022-09-30: Your Grafana Loki setup needs security and access control
2022-09-29: Python virtual environments can usually or often be moved around
2022-09-28: How I've set up my libvirt based virtual machines (in late 2022)
2022-09-27: Reaching past our firewalls with WireGuard (some thoughts)
2022-09-26: The lsb_release program and the /etc/os-release file
2022-09-25: What can a compromised TLS Certificate Transparency Log do?
2022-09-24: Needing xdg-desktop-portal may be in my future (even without Wayland)
2022-09-23: Browsers and them 'supporting' TLS certificate transparency
2022-09-22: The TLS client's view of Certificate Transparency and CT Logs
2022-09-21: Some notes on the readings you get from USB TEMPer2 temperature sensors
2022-09-20: Why the ZFS ZIL's "in-place" direct writes of large data are safe
2022-09-19: Tangled issues with what status we should use for our HTTP redirects
2022-09-18: I believe SELinux needs active support from your distribution
2022-09-17: Authenticated SMTP and IMAP authentication attacks and attempts we see here
2022-09-16: The problem of network tunnels and (asymmetric) routing
2022-09-15: The C free() API gives libraries and functions useful freedom
2022-09-14: Grafana Loki doesn't duplicate a central syslog server (or vice versa)
Link: USB, Thunderbolt, Displayport & docks
2022-09-13: My Firefox addons as of Firefox 104 (they haven't changed in a while)
2022-09-12: What's lost when running the Prometheus host agent as a non-root user on Linux
2022-09-11: The amount of memory in basic 1U servers and our shifting views of it
2022-09-10: C's malloc() and free() APIs are reasonable APIs for C
2022-09-09: How we monitor the temperature of our machine rooms
2022-09-08: Grafana's problem with the order of dashboard panel legends and Prometheus
2022-09-07: What systemd timer directives seem to be used in practice
2022-09-06: Machine room temperatures and the value of long Prometheus metrics history
2022-09-05: The history of sending signals to Unix process groups
2022-09-04: Support for 'kill -SIGNAME ...' was added in 4BSD
2022-09-03: Our Prometheus host metrics saved us from some painful experiences
2022-09-02: An rsyslog(d) syslog forwarding setup for Grafana Loki (via Promtail)
2022-09-01: Go 1.19 added an atomic.Pointer type that's a generic type

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