Wandering Thoughts archives

2022-10-31: I wish ZFS supported per-user reservations, not just per-user quotas
2022-10-30: Silencing KDE application notification sounds under fvwm
2022-10-29: Importing a Python program that doesn't have a .py extension
2022-10-28: People like file extensions whether or not they're necessary
2022-10-27: Scripts and programs should skip having extensions like '.sh' and '.bash'
2022-10-26: Our computer security problems are our own fault
2022-10-25: An email phish attempt using attachment file type confusion
2022-10-24: Filesystems and progressive deletion of things
2022-10-23: Why I feel DNS CAA records are a real TLS security improvement in practice
2022-10-22: TLS Certificate Transparency is about improving the (web) TLS ecology
2022-10-21: The Prometheus timestamp() function can be used on expressions, sort of
2022-10-20: The programming challenge that is a modern browser
2022-10-19: Understanding '+incompatible' in Go module version names
2022-10-18: We're finally fully moving away from Apache's prefork MPM (hopefully)
2022-10-17: The proper setup of a Go module, as I understand it
2022-10-16: What it means to see a 'bad' certificate in TLS Certificate Transparency logs
2022-10-15: How much swap space we're using across our servers (in October 2022)
2022-10-14: Two views of CPU utilization (a realization)
2022-10-13: We're moving away from swap partitions on our Linux servers
2022-10-12: We are stuck with egrep and fgrep (unless you like beating people)
2022-10-11: When Promtail seems to make position checkpoints (as of v2.6.1)
2022-10-10: The pragmatic effects of setting nconnect on NFS v3 mounts on Linux
2022-10-09: Research Unix V7's (comparatively) long time gap from V6
2022-10-08: Linux NFS clients (normally) make only one TCP connection to each fileserver
2022-10-07: How old various Unix signals are
2022-10-06: My performance intuitions and the complexities of SSD performance
2022-10-05: The Maildir mail storage format doesn't seem to work well over NFS
2022-10-04: Our unusual traditional /var/mail setup for people's inboxes
2022-10-03: Universities, "Bring your own device", and security
2022-10-02: Universities and their non-employees (part two)
2022-10-01: YAML in practice can be looser than I expected

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