Wandering Thoughts archives

2022-11-30: Using Dovecot 2.3's 'events' system to generate log messages
2022-11-29: The uncertain question of how much RAM our servers need
2022-11-28: The annoying question of Intel CPU support for XMP RAM profiles
2022-11-27: Getting my unit size 'prefixes' (really suffixes) straight, sort of
2022-11-26: Moving our /var/mail to be local on our IMAP server has gone very well
2022-11-25: A revealing Vim addressing mistake that I made today
2022-11-24: Unix's (technical) history is mostly old now
2022-11-23: Unix swap configuration used to be rather simple and brute force
2022-11-22: Twitter's 'quoted tweets' feature and how design affects behavior
2022-11-21: Using curl to test alternate (test) servers for a web site
2022-11-20: Floating point NaNs as map keys in Go give you weird results
2022-11-19: Python dictionaries and floating point NaNs as keys
2022-11-18: Go 1.21 may have a clear(x) builtin and there's an interesting reason why
2022-11-17: Understanding how fast Ethernet really is (and in what units)
2022-11-16: Monitoring if our wireless network is actually working in locations
2022-11-15: It's useful to think about a 'ground up' recovery of your environment
2022-11-14: Firefox will now copy non-breaking spaces from HTML and that can be a problem
2022-11-13: I wouldn't use ZFS for swap (either for swapfiles or with a zvol)
2022-11-12: Questionable TLS Certificate Authorities and Certificate Transparency
2022-11-11: How Linux swap files (and swap partitions) find where to read and write
2022-11-10: The problem of (Unix) swapfiles and server backups
2022-11-09: Linux swap files don't seem to update their modification time when you swap
2022-11-08: Some thoughts on organizations running their own Fediverse instance
2022-11-07: An odd error I encountered with ZFS snapshots on Ubuntu 18.04
2022-11-06: Go's sync.Pool has (undocumented) 'thread' locality
2022-11-05: Our upgrade wave of Ubuntu 18.04 machines has gone fine
2022-11-04: An email's Message-ID header isn't a good spam signal (in late 2022)
2022-11-03: On not having a separate /boot filesystem on modern (x86) Linux
2022-11-02: The problem of getting problem reports from (our) people
2022-11-01: (Maybe) copying email anti-spam measures from Google and company

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