Wandering Thoughts archives

2022-12-31: Going from a Firefox preference to the underlying configuration setting
2022-12-30: Disabling automatic form autofilling in Firefox (which is now simple)
2022-12-29: Some notes to myself on 'git log -G' (and sort of on -S)
2022-12-28: Some practical notes on the systemd cgroups/units hierarchies
2022-12-27: Our varied approaches to upgrading machines with local state
2022-12-26: More use of Rust is inevitable in open source software
2022-12-25: Sorting out PC chassis power switches for ATX power supplies
2022-12-24: The systemd journal is primarily time-based
2022-12-23: Handling numbers in Vim when they have a dash in front of them
2022-12-22: The power of URLs you can use with query parameters and a HTTP GET request
2022-12-21: The Prometheus cardinality issues with systemd unit-related metrics
2022-12-20: Detecting missing or bad Go modules and module versions
2022-12-19: Systemd unit templates don't provide a native way to have multiple parameters
2022-12-18: My dmenu wrapper script and what it will invoke for me
2022-12-17: A trick of my dmenu setup: a custom $PATH
2022-12-16: A practical issue with YAML: your schema is not actually documentation
2022-12-15: How I do static IPs and names for my NAT'd libvirt-based VMs
2022-12-14: Your options for displaying status over time in Grafana 9
2022-12-13: Go and the case of the half-missing import
2022-12-12: An enforced 'real names only' policy forces people to advertise things
2022-12-11: Prometheus Blackbox 0.23.0 has added a nice improvement to its DNS checks
2022-12-10: Unix's special way of marking login shells goes back to V2 Unix (at least)
2022-12-09: Sometimes an Ubuntu package of a Python module is probably good enough
2022-12-08: Python version upgrades and deprecations
2022-12-07: My story of using Linux libvirt/KVM to get an ad hoc remote desktop
2022-12-06: Why being able to partially distrust a Certificate Authority is good
2022-12-05: I've now disabled systemd-oomd on my Fedora desktops
2022-12-04: How to lose some of your tabs in Firefox 107+ (and possibly earlier)
2022-12-03: Using Dovecot 2.3's 'events' system to create Prometheus metrics
2022-12-02: Apache 2.4's event MPM and oddities with ServerLimit
2022-12-01: Linux Certificate Authority root stores have a too simple view of 'trust'

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