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2023-05-28: My current editor usage (as of mid 2023)
2023-05-27: How I set up a server for testing new Grafana versions and other things
2023-05-26: In practice, Grafana has not been great at backward compatibility
2023-05-25: That people produce HTML with string templates is telling us something
2023-05-24: Encryption for stream based protocols versus 'RPC' protocols
2023-05-23: Some views on protocols and encryption
2023-05-22: What I see as good options today for encrypted NFS
2023-05-21: NFS with Kerberos and NFS without Kerberos are two quite different things
2023-05-20: Some notes on the cost of Go finalizers (in Go 1.20)
2023-05-19: The long life of Apache httpd 2.4
2023-05-18: What a desktop environment is on modern Linux
2023-05-17: (Graphical) Unix has always had desktop environments
Having metrics for something attracts your attention to it
2023-05-15: The time our Linux systems spend on integer to text and back conversions
2023-05-14: Why I use separate lexers in my recursive descent parsers
2023-05-13: The paradox of ZFS ARC non-growth and ARC hit rates
2023-05-12: The modern browser experience has some impressive subtle tricks
2023-05-11: I've mostly stopped reading technical mailing lists
2023-05-10: Mailing lists versus forums, some thoughts
2023-05-09: Curing my home desktop from locking up in the cold (so far)
2023-05-08: When to use drgn instead of eBPF tools like bpftrace, and vice versa
2023-05-07: Advisory file locks and mandatory file locks are two quite different things
2023-05-06: Finding which NFS client owns a lock on a NFS server via Linux kernel delving
2023-05-05: Some early praise for using drgn for poking into Linux kernel internals
2023-05-04: Flock() and fcntl() file locks and Linux NFS (v3)
2023-05-03: Forcefully breaking NFS locks on Linux NFS servers as of Ubuntu 22.04
2023-05-02: The types of TLS seen on our external MX (as of April 2023)
2023-05-01: How NFS v3 servers and clients re-synchronize locks after reboots
2023-04-30: Os.walk, the temptation of hammers, and the paralysis of choice
2023-04-29: A crontab related mistake you can make with internal email ratelimits
2023-04-28: More notes on Linux's /proc/locks and NFS as of Ubuntu 22.04
2023-04-27: I can't recommend serious use of an all-in-one local Grafana Loki setup
2023-04-26: Putting the 'User-Agent' in your web crawler's User-Agent
2023-04-25: Understanding ZFS ARC hit (and miss) kstat statistics
2023-04-24: Thinking about our passive exposure to IPv6 issues
2023-04-23: Programming on Unix and automatic memory management
2023-04-22: The two types of C programmers (a provocative thesis)
2023-04-21: The traditional workaround for stuck NFS(v3) locks
2023-04-20: Setting the ARC target size in ZFS on Linux (as of ZoL 2.1)
2023-04-19: An interesting mistake I made with a (Go) SSH client API
2023-04-18: When and how ZFS on Linux changes the ARC target size (as of ZoL 2.1)
2023-04-17: ARC memory reclaim statistics exposed by ZFS on Linux (as of ZoL 2.1)
2023-04-16: Some important ARC memory statistics exposed by ZFS on Linux (as of ZoL 2.1)
2023-04-15: Some thoughts on OpenSSH versus SSH
2023-04-14: The various sizes of the ZFS ARC (as of OpenZFS 2.1)
2023-04-13: OpenSSH's (signed) certificates are not TLS X.509 certificates
2023-04-12: The chain of landing web pages that I saw for a phish spam today
2023-04-11: Notification sounds and system sounds on Linux should be granular
2023-04-10: Failing to build a useful pre Go 1.21 static Go toolchain on Linux
2023-04-09: On Linux, you can't usefully statically link programs using NSS
2023-04-08: A Prometheus Alertmanager alert grouping conundrum
2023-04-07: Go 1.21 will (likely) have a static toolchain on Linux
2023-04-06: ZFS On Linux (still) needs better ways to control the ZFS ARC
2023-04-05: Giving Firefox the tiniest URL bar bookmark 'star' button possible
2023-04-04: How to get a bigger font for Firefox's preview of link targets (sort of)
2023-04-03: Automated status tests need to have little or no 'noise'
2023-04-02: You should automate some basic restore testing of your backups
2023-04-01: Avoiding HTTP/3 (for a while) as a pragmatic default
2023-03-31: Exploiting (or abusing) password fields for Multi-Factor Authentication
2023-03-30: Giving Gnome-Terminal some margins makes me happier with it
2023-03-29: The case of the very wrong email Content-Transfer-Encoding
2023-03-28: An interesting yet ordinary consequence of ZFS using the ZIL
2023-03-27: Moving from 'master' to 'main' in Git with local changes
2023-03-26: My pragmatic shift from PS/2 keyboards and mice to USB ones
2023-03-25: Apache 2.4's event MPM can require more workers than you'd expect
2023-03-24: Key rotation is not the same as key revocation (or invalidation)
2023-03-23: SSD block discard in practice on Linux systems
2023-03-22: The problem RAID faces with discarding blocks on SSDs
2023-03-21: ZFS on Linux and NFS(v3) server filesystem IDs
2023-03-20: Today the default choice for a terminal program is Gnome Terminal
2023-03-19: Easily adjusting the minimum interval on panels in Grafana dashboards
2023-03-18: There are two facets to dd usage
2023-03-17: Some reasons why CPUs might re-use unofficial NOPs for other things
2023-03-16: NFS filehandles from Linux NFS servers can be client specific
2023-03-15: The extra hazards of mutual TLS authentication (mTLS) in web servers
2023-03-14: Some notes on searching the systemd journal with journalctl
2023-03-13: What I like using Grafana Loki for (and where I avoid it)
2023-03-12: Getting a Python 2 virtual environment (in 2023's twilight of Python 2)
2023-03-11: As a system administrator, I work in many different environments
2023-03-10: Some bits on Linux NFS(v3) server filesystem IDs (and on filehandles)
2023-03-09: ZFS on Linux and when you get stale NFSv3 mounts
2023-03-08: Debconf's questions, or really whiptail, doesn't always work in xterms
2023-03-07: ANSI colours aren't consistent across X terminal programs
2023-03-06: Special tcpdump filtering options for OpenBSD's pflog interface
2023-03-05: An unexciting idea: Code changes have context
2023-03-04: How secure is merely discarding (TRIMing) all of a SSD's blocks?
2023-03-03: When securely erasing disks, who are you trying to stop?
2023-03-02: Modern email addresses can be in UTF-8
2023-03-01: A gotcha with Systemd's DynamicUser, supplementary groups, and NFS (v3)
2023-02-28: Ubuntu is a Canonical product
2023-02-27: Future Internet PKI schemes need to be bootstrapped through web PKI
2023-02-26: Universities are often environments with distributed accounts and identities
2023-02-25: Systemd-resolved plus LLMNR can create delays in name non-resolution
2023-02-24: Thinking about what a 'VPN' solution is authenticating
2023-02-23: The web single sign on versus availability problem
2023-02-22: How to block people's automatic mail forwarding (to GMail, at least)
2023-02-21: Grafana Loki doesn't compact log chunks and what this means for you
2023-02-20: A bit on unspecified unique objects in Python
2023-02-19: Using web server reverse proxying to deal with file access permissions
2023-02-18: The size of a window is complicated in X (or can be)
2023-02-17: Implementing 'grow down' window placement in Fvwm on X11
2023-02-16: Linux Ext4 directories have a maximum size (in entries)
2023-02-15: BIOS MBR booting isn't always flawless and can be odd
2023-02-14: Things I ran into when moving from Fvwm2 to Fvwm3
2023-02-13: Our current plague of revolving .top and .click spam email domains
2023-02-12: The case for atomic types in programming languages
2023-02-11: Learning about Linux fwmark masks
2023-02-10: Things that systemd-resolved is not for (as of systemd 251)
2023-02-09: I'm considering giving in to the systemd-resolved wave
2023-02-08: The general 'recursive routing' problem in IP networking
2023-02-07: What I want in Prometheus (as a whole) is aggregating alert notifications
2023-02-06: Rsync'ing (only) some of the top level pieces of a directory
2023-02-05: Some things on Prometheus's new feature to keep alerts firing for a while
2023-02-04: The practical appeal of a mesh-capable VPN solution
2023-02-03: In a university, people want to use our IPs even for external traffic
2023-02-02: A gotcha when making partial copies of Prometheus's database with rsync
2023-02-01: C was not created as an abstract machine (of course)
2023-01-31: I've had bad luck with transparent hugepages on my Linux machines
2023-01-30: One reason I still prefer BIOS MBR booting over UEFI
2023-01-29: The CPU architectural question of what is a (reserved) NOP
2023-01-28: I should assume contexts aren't retained in Go APIs
2023-01-27: Some thoughts on whether and when TRIM'ing ZFS pools is useful
2023-01-26: Some notes on using using TRIM on SSDs with ZFS on Linux
2023-01-25: You should back up the settings for your Firefox addons periodically
2023-01-24: Linux software RAID mirrors, booting, mdadm.conf, and disk counts for non-fun
2023-01-23: I should always make a checklist for anything complicated
2023-01-22: How Let's Encrypt accounts are linked to your certificates in Certbot
2023-01-21: How Prometheus makes good use of the HTTP Accept: header
2023-01-20: An instruction oddity in the ppc64 (PowerPC 64-bit) architecture
2023-01-19: My twitch about adding a shim in front of a (shell script) interpreter
2023-01-18: Some things on SSDs and their support for explicitly discarding blocks
2023-01-17: An aggressive, stealthy web spider operating from Microsoft IP space
2023-01-16: Backporting changes is clearly hard, which is a good reason to avoid it
2023-01-15: Some weird effects you can get from shared Let's Encrypt accounts
2023-01-14: Your server BMCs can need to be rebooted every so often
2023-01-13: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS servers and phased apt updates
2023-01-12: A browser tweak for system administrators doing (web) network debugging
2023-01-11: Sometimes it actually is a kernel bug: bind() in Linux 6.0.16
2023-01-10: My Git settings for carrying local changes on top of upstream development
2023-01-09: In Python, zero is zero regardless of the number type
Link: X Window System Basics
2023-01-08: Let's Encrypt's complex authorization process and multi-name TLS certificates
2023-01-07: Our ZFS spares handling system sort of relies on our patterns of disk usage
2023-01-06: Setting alerts is a chance to figure out what you really care about
2023-01-05: The different sorts of 'iconification' of windows in X
2023-01-04: Finding people's use of /usr/bin/python with the Linux audit framework
2023-01-03: Some thoughts on Prometheus Alertmanager's alert reminders
2023-01-02: Debian has removed Python 2 from its next version
2023-01-01: Research Unix V2 already had a lot of what we think of as 'Unix'
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