Wandering Thoughts archives

2023-03-31: Exploiting (or abusing) password fields for Multi-Factor Authentication
2023-03-30: Giving Gnome-Terminal some margins makes me happier with it
2023-03-29: The case of the very wrong email Content-Transfer-Encoding
2023-03-28: An interesting yet ordinary consequence of ZFS using the ZIL
2023-03-27: Moving from 'master' to 'main' in Git with local changes
2023-03-26: My pragmatic shift from PS/2 keyboards and mice to USB ones
2023-03-25: Apache 2.4's event MPM can require more workers than you'd expect
2023-03-24: Key rotation is not the same as key revocation (or invalidation)
2023-03-23: SSD block discard in practice on Linux systems
2023-03-22: The problem RAID faces with discarding blocks on SSDs
2023-03-21: ZFS on Linux and NFS(v3) server filesystem IDs
2023-03-20: Today the default choice for a terminal program is Gnome Terminal
2023-03-19: Easily adjusting the minimum interval on panels in Grafana dashboards
2023-03-18: There are two facets to dd usage
2023-03-17: Some reasons why CPUs might re-use unofficial NOPs for other things
2023-03-16: NFS filehandles from Linux NFS servers can be client specific
2023-03-15: The extra hazards of mutual TLS authentication (mTLS) in web servers
2023-03-14: Some notes on searching the systemd journal with journalctl
2023-03-13: What I like using Grafana Loki for (and where I avoid it)
2023-03-12: Getting a Python 2 virtual environment (in 2023's twilight of Python 2)
2023-03-11: As a system administrator, I work in many different environments
2023-03-10: Some bits on Linux NFS(v3) server filesystem IDs (and on filehandles)
2023-03-09: ZFS on Linux and when you get stale NFSv3 mounts
2023-03-08: Debconf's questions, or really whiptail, doesn't always work in xterms
2023-03-07: ANSI colours aren't consistent across X terminal programs
2023-03-06: Special tcpdump filtering options for OpenBSD's pflog interface
2023-03-05: An unexciting idea: Code changes have context
2023-03-04: How secure is merely discarding (TRIMing) all of a SSD's blocks?
2023-03-03: When securely erasing disks, who are you trying to stop?
2023-03-02: Modern email addresses can be in UTF-8
2023-03-01: A gotcha with Systemd's DynamicUser, supplementary groups, and NFS (v3)

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