Wandering Thoughts archives

2023-04-30: Os.walk, the temptation of hammers, and the paralysis of choice
2023-04-29: A crontab related mistake you can make with internal email ratelimits
2023-04-28: More notes on Linux's /proc/locks and NFS as of Ubuntu 22.04
2023-04-27: I can't recommend serious use of an all-in-one local Grafana Loki setup
2023-04-26: Putting the 'User-Agent' in your web crawler's User-Agent
2023-04-25: Understanding ZFS ARC hit (and miss) kstat statistics
2023-04-24: Thinking about our passive exposure to IPv6 issues
2023-04-23: Programming on Unix and automatic memory management
2023-04-22: The two types of C programmers (a provocative thesis)
2023-04-21: The traditional workaround for stuck NFS(v3) locks
2023-04-20: Setting the ARC target size in ZFS on Linux (as of ZoL 2.1)
2023-04-19: An interesting mistake I made with a (Go) SSH client API
2023-04-18: When and how ZFS on Linux changes the ARC target size (as of ZoL 2.1)
2023-04-17: ARC memory reclaim statistics exposed by ZFS on Linux (as of ZoL 2.1)
2023-04-16: Some important ARC memory statistics exposed by ZFS on Linux (as of ZoL 2.1)
2023-04-15: Some thoughts on OpenSSH versus SSH
2023-04-14: The various sizes of the ZFS ARC (as of OpenZFS 2.1)
2023-04-13: OpenSSH's (signed) certificates are not TLS X.509 certificates
2023-04-12: The chain of landing web pages that I saw for a phish spam today
2023-04-11: Notification sounds and system sounds on Linux should be granular
2023-04-10: Failing to build a useful pre Go 1.21 static Go toolchain on Linux
2023-04-09: On Linux, you can't usefully statically link programs using NSS
2023-04-08: A Prometheus Alertmanager alert grouping conundrum
2023-04-07: Go 1.21 will (likely) have a static toolchain on Linux
2023-04-06: ZFS On Linux (still) needs better ways to control the ZFS ARC
2023-04-05: Giving Firefox the tiniest URL bar bookmark 'star' button possible
2023-04-04: How to get a bigger font for Firefox's preview of link targets (sort of)
2023-04-03: Automated status tests need to have little or no 'noise'
2023-04-02: You should automate some basic restore testing of your backups
2023-04-01: Avoiding HTTP/3 (for a while) as a pragmatic default

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